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WHILE it admittedly alleviates poverty in the short term, the billion dollar remittances ($17 billion in 2010) of overseas Filipino workers strategically are not making any significant impact on the national wealth for it is spent more on foreign made consumer goods rather than being invested into the economy where it is really needed.

It is sad that we have become a nation of consumers.

There is really nothing wrong with being consumers if we produce what we consume but since we are not producers we have to rely on foreigners for finished products.

Would you believe we could not even produce matchsticks or rubber sandals and, much less machines, and that we have to import these from somewhere else?

This is not sustainable.

Don’t mistake the television set in your living room or the other appliances that you bought in a nearby mall as Philippine made.

They might be assembled locally but I assure you the major components of these items either are Chinese, Japanese or Korean made.

Even personal accessories like wrist watch, rubber shoes, wallets, sun glass and perfumes are all foreign made hence the real beneficiaries of the growing OFW remittances are the foreign owned manufacturers of electronic goods, appliances, personal accessories and other high-value consumer goods.

It is not surprising therefore that as more Filipinos work abroad malls will sprout like mushrooms all over the country.


My deepest condolences to the surviving relatives of my friend Armand Noriega, who passed away early this week.

Armand and I met in Sta. Cruz, Manila in the late 1970’s while we are still in our early teens and became fast friends.

We did all the things that teenagers do as we learn the ropes of life.

In the process we became street smarts and treated each other like brothers.

He is the kind of person who would help distressed buddies and friends.

We lost contact for quite some time but I have never forgotten our friendship and our gimmicks in the university belt and Harrison Plaza.

Armand may God bless your soul and keep it in his bosom. I will miss you pare.

As I write this column, I was informed that his remains lie in state at the Chapel of the Senate Village in Novaliches, North Caloocan City.

For more information please call telephone no. 6223212659


Does boredom wear you down or is there just a nagging feeling that you want to get away from the metropolis and be with mother-nature? Then go and visit Bato Springs in barangay San Cristobal, San Pablo City.

Located at the foot of the mystical Mt. Banahaw, Bato Springs is just one hour and 30 minute drive from Manila.

You have a spacious parking space that could even accommodate tourist buses and first class amenities for all your business and pleasure needs.

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