Stop Napocor’s greed! — Sanlakas

THE Left coalition Sanlakas conducted a protest rally this morning in front of the main office of the National Power Corporation (NAPOCOR) in Quezon City.

Around one hundred (100) mass activists of Sanlakas picketed the NAPOCOR to angrily express the general public’s rising opposition to the constant overpricing of power rates by the country’s largest electricity provider and generator.

During their protest action, a team of militant activists surprised the posted security guards when they hurled several used-up light-bulbs at the NAPOCOR seal emblazoned on the front wall of the NAPOCOR office.  The smashing of the light-bulbs by SANLAKAS, which momentarily roused the guards at the front gate, was done as a symbolically dramatic act to show the still-growing anger of the basic masses against the state power corporation’s anti-poor corporate practices.

This militant mass action, which was led by Rasti Delizo, the Sanlakas Spokesperson, is in support of the Freedom from Debt Coalition’s (FDC) ongoing national mass campaign against power-rate(s) hikes and to repeal the Electric Power Industry Reform Act (EPIRA). This campaign, which began early this month, will culminate in a ‘National Day of Protest’ on October 11, 2011 through simultaneous coordinated ‘Power-off’ actions (a temporary shutdown of electricity in pre-selected areas and communities) nationwide from 7:30-8p.m. on this date.

“SANLAKAS totally opposes the highly-selfish profiteering schemes of NAPOCOR aimed at making quick greedy profits by passing on its very high power rates and past debts (incurred since the Marcos dictatorship) to the innocent consuming public.  This power sector-based arrangement is legally protected by the privatization-oriented EPIRA and has long ago been a neoliberal weapon of mass devastation to permanently ensure the economic-social destruction of the majority of our poor masses who depend on a daily power supply to live decent and humane lives,” according to Delizo,

The SANLAKAS protest rally was highlighted by a brief program with speakers representing various local mass organizations, including the Metro Manila Vendors’ Alliance (MMVA). The activist group peacefully ended its rally by self-dispersing after the media covered the light-bulb smashing action.

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