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INSTEAD of waiting while his constituents are haplessly suffering from unabated floodwaters, Navotas City Mayor John Rey Tiangco just did the right thing when he orders the local engineering office to build river wall and more pumping stations particular in the city’s worst hit village of Tangos.

While for other local chief executives such snail-paced action of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) could be a sure ground for them to lambaste the agency which remains one of the corrupt-prone departments of the government, Mayor Tiangco decides to take the initiative to mitigate the festering flooding in his turf.

Armed with support from the Sanggunian which OK’d the release of some P34 million from the city coffers, the mayor ordered the immediate construction of a river wall and at least three more pumping stations along Navotas Rivers from Vadeo 5 in Barangay San Roque to Barangay Tangos. This would bring to 27 pumping stations the local government has established all over the city.

The local government has sought for the rehabilitation of a damaged navigational gate located in Tangos village but the DPWH has yet to release the funds for the purpose and this compels the mayor not to wait and instead act to resolve the problem with dispatch. The DPWH has assured to complete the repair before the year ends.

He says: “The city government is compelled to take the initiative as it is always after the welfare and interest of the residents including students who are already suffering from the unabated flooding in the area.”

During the construction, the city health office and the city environment and natural resources are ex-pected to observe sanitation and regular garbage collection in the affected barangay to avoid the spread of disease which usually occurs on flood-affected areas. (TO BE CONTINUED)

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