Tama Si Matteo!

THE scuffle between Matteo Guidicelli and Coco Martin was one of the most talked-about items recently but the fire didn’t spread to an extremely exaggerated degree unlike other controversial stories because of the mediation of Star Magic heads and it was handled professionally with a different kind of personal touch ala-Kapamilya.

But after reviewing what had happened and if we are going to choose whose side we are on, we’re with Matteo.

If we are going to justify what he did to Coco, it is just because he was doing the right thing which was to fight for his right as the official boyfriend of Maja Salvador.

Given that Coco and Maja are lovey-dovey in the boobtube, Coco should remember that there are limitations with their kind of intimacy. Going as far as kissing Maja in her lips is a no-no especially if he is aware that Matteo is the lady’s official man.  Coco should learn how to respect and honk his horn before doing such act.

Anyway, these are water under the bridge now. Lessons are learned, that is, if

Coco is indeed learning. Perhaps we can ask his best teacher, Katherine Luna. Hahahahaha!


Life is short. Live it now!

This statement coming from Mommy Elvie Villasanta, an octogenarian and a Mother of comedian Ariel, is indeed inspiring.

And there is no reason why Ariel’s wife, Cristina Decena, will stop producing the second season of Mommy Elvie’s show in QTV11, Mommy Elvie@18.

It’s a docu-reality-comedy series, first of its kind on TV, where Mommy Elvie is going to give her last will and testament to her only son, Ariel, after fulfilling her bucket-list on its first season.

But wait, there’s more. It’s not the ordinary will and testament being handed down by a mother to a son because there is a condition in which Ariel has to fulfill before Mommy Elvie totally kicks the bucket.

We are actually so curious on how Mommy Elvie is going to execute it so we have to watch it every Saturday morning at 10:30 AM.

Hmmm, for us to wake up on a Saturday morning, this should be interesting.


AFTER months of being on location together for the afternoon teleserye Reputasyon of channel 2, it’s funny how fate plays between Cristine Reyes and Aiko Melendez, who used to be the nemesis of Ara Mina.

Their bonding on location goes beyond the usual co actor’s shallow relationship because they both realized that they can actually be friends with each other regardless of the past issue with Cristine’s ate and Aiko.

Because of Cristine’s busy schedule, she is always trying to bond with her buddies and invite them in her house at least once a week. Then why not invite Aiko and Ara one of these days?

Anyway, Cristine’s Reputasyon is getting interesting as the teleserye gets hotter so better catch up with it, guys! You are going to miss a lot, I tell you, ha,ha,ha!


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