The Soul Sisters

SIMPLY by its calling, one would quickly say it’s a new brand of all-female band of singing sensations out to make headway in the entertainment industry and outclass any similar group that cross their path.

Nope, they are the seven young women and neophyte members of the House of Representatives who banded together as they brand themselves the Soul Sisters and push for a common cause that’s for the passage of the controversial Reproductive Health (RH) bill.

The Soul Sisters – Representatives Emmeline Aglipay (DIWA partylist), Kimi Cojuangco (Pangasinan), Abigail Faye Ferriol (Kalinga partylist), Sharon Garin (AMBIS-Owa), Bernadette Herrera-Dy (Bagong Henerasyon), Rosenda Ann Ocampo (Manila) and Jaye Lacson-Noel (Malabon) are ready to face anyone even the Catholic bishops who staunchly oppose the measure for they believe they have much bigger responsibility to their constituents especially the poor women in their turfs.

They say they’re ready to sacrifice their political future for good governance which they believe would start with the bill’s eventual approval at the Lower Chamber.

Nonetheless for Rep. Lacson-Noel, it’s a too personal advocacy to the extent of having her marriage with hubby, Rep. Bem Noel of the An Waray par-tylist, ruined since the latter turns out to be with the side of the prelates insofar as the pending measure is concerned.

But of course that wouldn’t take place, the duo’s sacred vows have apparently become stronger than ever and their differing stance over the controversial family health bill should only serve as positive signs for the opposing sides
of the RH measure to respect one’s views.

After all and the bottom line here is that all of us are certainly after the interest of the people particularly those who are not so adept or bereft of educational awareness about the issue.

In emphasizing her pro-RH stance, the Malabon solon has this to say: “I have accommodated all opinions for and against the RH Bill, attended marathon hearings and plenary debates, but my decision to support the bill comes from my day-to-day discussions with my constituents, based on their grim, violent and often pathetic realities on the ground, about their specific and immediate needs for a comprehensive RH law.”

“I want to institutionalize heath care and health protection for mothers and pregnant women in my District and an RH law would be my strength,” explains Rep Lacson-Noel who is the founder of an all-women organization in Malabon and Navotas called “Kayang-Kaya ni Misis.”

The emergence of Lacson-Noel’s newest group reminds us of the Spice Boys in old Congress or during the time of ex-President Joseph “Erap” Estrada whose members like Ace Barbers, Ricky Sandoval, Mike Defensor and Juan Miguel Zubiri became the face and voice of the opposition but only to turn pro-administration as they all held sensitive positions under the corrupt-prone Arroyo regime.

Not to be outclassed, Erap’s had his so-called Bright Boys in the lower chamber, also then first-term congressmen and like the Soul Sisters they were seven when the group was formed. They were Rodolfo Albano, Alan Peter Cayetano, Ace Durano, Francis Escudero, Edmundo Reyes Jr., Jurdin Romualdo and Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro Jr.

The Soul Sisters can extend their cause to other vital issues that they believe affect their immediate constituents. If they cannot deliver it right inside the House, why not sing it, belt it. Try.

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