A crime-free Undas

IT’S clearly all-systems go for most everyone re, his long-scheduled trek back home – or where his departed loved one/s (if he has) was/were laid to rest – for the yearly Undas. The traditional All Saints/All Souls Day, that is.

Very early on, I feel I am developing a strong sense of attachment to this coming Undas. Something I never ever felt in all previous celebrations thereof. Maybe because I now have two (2) departed beloved – my mother and father who died six (6) years apart – to really visit now, and in the 3rd district of Masbate where they were interred.

Day-to-day calling here in Metro Manila has set me apart from them most of the time. And now that this big event in “their” honor and memory is fast ap-proaching, it’s kind of guilty conscience that is prompting me, “Hey, get ready for this occasion and secure your travel tickets, ngayon na!”

My dad died only last January 1, 2011. We buried his remains ten days later in Masbate – and I only went home to visit his and mom’s graves, once, this year. So you can just imagine the sense of com-pulsion that is running down my veins to really be with them this coming  November 1 and 2.

Since I am resolved to observing this ritual yearly without fail, I find it apropos to raise some concerns to proper authorities that traditionally take part in this celebration – the police, more specifically – to really demonstrate extraordinary zeal and efficiency in keeping PEACE AND ORDER at sites of the celebration throughout the country.

We are not unaware of common news reports on the occurrence of crimes and all sorts of inconveniences to our kababayans massed in all cemeteries everywhere during these celebrations. These untoward incidents have become permanent fixtures that mar our yearly celebration of the event because like during the Christmas Season, criminal elements see golden opportunity for ‘livelihood’ in All Saints’ and All Souls’ day.

Last year, two sisters who did not grow up in my town, but whose mother was originally from, and was buried when she died,  there got raped and but-chered as they came home to their aunt’s residence at already 3am on November 2 from our Catholic cemetery.

Sure, that gruesome incident – which remains unsolved until now – should be condemned by all to high heavens. But securing public premises is police work, and unless we demonstrate vigilance in ensuring the helpless from faceless criminals/predators, there is no guarantee what befell the two sisters I mentioned won’t happen again.

All – young and old – always want to pay their respects to their respective departed during Undas. Culture and tradition have implanted in their beings and consciousness the importance of such occasion.

But when the people’s personal security is al-ways on the block by reason of the obvious incompetence and incapability of  men in uniform assigned to enforcement, how can the citizenry be always minded to observe “with pious sensitivity” the Undas?

If there is one good occasion as any for our police department to really show their real worth, efficiency and capability, it is during the celebration of the coming All Saints’ and All Souls’ Day.

So, Messrs peace enforcers, please give us sufficient reason to up your performance satisfaction rating. Give us an absolutely crime-free, crime-free  Undas this year. Make us and our beloved departed, happy!

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