A free man once again by way of his enormous connections

AS FAST as the strike of the lightning flash, this actor politician (a Board Member in Mindoro, in fact) went out of his luxurious 4th floor Quezon City Jail without excessive hype unlike some months back when he was arrested for an alleged rape case where media were all over him.

Did he intentionally slip away with some helps from “paid” officials to elude the prying and inquisitive eyes of media manning the beat of QC jail?

The lawyer of the victim who fought tooth and nail to prove the alleged rape case against the actor politician resigned and before we know it, the alleged teenage rapist flew to the United States of America days after he went out of jail to rest (wow) and, guess what, to solicit more funds for his campaign to run as a mayor in the next election. Yes, only in the Philippines these weird stories are happening. And the recent updates? This actor politician who was kicked out as a board member in his province because of his alleged rape case and because of his strings of satyriasic (male nympho) activities with women regardless of age, was seen at the Calapan pier grinning and winking on some hot chicks on board the Supercat.

So, Mindoronians, do you want to have an official who is an alleged sex offender? As the cliché during election period goes, vote wisely.

And we remember our “dear friend” Patrick de la Rosa.


OF COURSE not! The issue of low ratings is not the case why “Reputasyon” of ABS-CBN moved from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Actually, the production people of Reputasyon were extremely happy and satisfied with the way the number goes up at the rating games at the 2 p.m. slot but upon the request of the majority of the TV buffs because they frequently missed those exciting episodes of this Cristine Reyes starrer, channel 2 management decided to give in and move around the programs until it now reached the 5 p.m. slot which is far better because a lot of ABS loyalists are now glued to Reputasyon, as proven by the latest result of the viewership survey.

The other day, we saw Cristine giving Rayver Cruz, her real life boyfriend, a lengthy hot smooch, which surely gave viewers a glimpse of how hot this little sister of Ara Mina is.

More, more…


WE WOULD like to extend our congratulations to the ever friendly Public Attorney’s Office (PAO) chief Persida Acosta for reaching her first year being in front of the klieg lights of television via her program in TV5, “Public Atorni,” every Thursday after “Aksiyon Journalismo.”

After solving more than a hundred of cases on cam, they went to Cebu to mediate on three controversial cases to celebrate their first year anniversary and as expected, they reached a favourable outcome.

Atty. Acosta is the highest official in PAO but believe it or not, most of our indigent kababayans are requesting her to personally represent them on their actual cases and surprisingly, instead of delegating the job to the other PAO lawyers, the PAO chief is accommodating their requests.

Now, we are not surprised if she just received recognition from the UE College of Law along with the other respected law practitioners and that is primarily, because of her humility.

May your tribe increase, ma’am.


WE ARE sure our dear editor will support us on our environmental advocacy that we are planning to launch at the fast food loop of the ELJ building of ABS-CBN, in cooperation with the office of Sir Bong Osorio of Corporate Communications.

On December 1 this year, we are planning to launch a Thank God It’s Mug Day campaign, to get rid of the disposable cups and save our environment and instead, use a reusable cup or mug that we are going to display on a strategic area of the loop.

On our initiative, we learned that fast food on ELJ loop is heavily patronizing the use of disposable cups for their customers thus, hurting our already damaged environment and because of this as a fact, the fast food in the loop is the perfect place to launch our project for our Social Change class in the graduate school of Ateneo de Manila University.

Soon, we are going to release our eco friendly mugs which will be available on restos and fast foods and also, the personalities who are going to support our advocacy.

We would like to thank our professor, Ma’am Jan Chua, for giving us the opportunity to be an agent of change with this worthwhile project.


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