An international disgrace

THIS column was sadly vindicated when a popular international travel website declared the Terminal 1 of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) the worst in the world for despite the repeated call to attention not only by this writer but others as well the airport management did nothing at all to change the situation.

The decrepit facilities, poor maintenance and management of the airport have taken their toll and our country is now paying for it. NAIA, just like our exorbitant power rates, has become an international disgrace.

The state of the airport clearly shows the lack of maintenance ethics of the Filipinos and his reliance on short term remedies. Mahilig kasi tayo sa remedyo lang.


Now it is official, the Philippines has the highest power rates in Asia and fifth in the world. Who said the country is poor when those charging the expensive rates are still in business?

The expensive cost of power is one of the numerous reasons why investors won’t place their money in our country.

The cost of electricity like the state of the NAIA has become an international disgrace.


A World Bank official said the high cost of power in the country is good for us.

Andrew Steer said the high cost of power will make it easy to bring in renewable energy like solar, wind or hydrothermal energy, which has a more competitive price. Hmmmmmm.


A lot of hardworking people are praying that the international Occupy Wall Street Movement (OWSM) hit the shores of Manila soon to bring home the point to the Filipino capitalists that greed is not good.

However, it is also being prayed that only genuine people’s organization should spearhead the local chapter of the movement, if it ever comes to our shores, and not the traditionally ideologically motivated groups.

Masisira at madi-discredit lang kung papapel sila.

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