Barbosa finishes third in Indonesia Open

Final Standings:

7.0 – L. Chao (China), S. Ganguly (India)

6.5 –  O. Barbosa (Philippines), V. Tkachiev  (France), W. Yue  (China), W. So (Philippines), A. Dreev (Russia).

6.0 –  S. Megaranto (Indonesia),  S. Mareco (Argentina),  A. Wahono  (Indonesia), A. Shabalov (USA),  T. Kotanjian   (Armenia), Z. Jun (China), D. Laylo (Philippines).

5.5 – N. V. Huy  (Vietnam), R. Bitoon (Philippines), E. Ahmadinia  (Iran), D.T. Hai (Vietnam), D. Reinderman (Netherlands),  C. Sang (Vietnam), R. Antonio (Philippines), T. Aris (Indonesia), J. Gomez (Philippines), A. Nasri (Iran)

FILIPINO Grandmaster Oliver Barbosa settled for third overall in the Indonesia Open Chess Championship at the Lamerieden Hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia on Wednesday (October 19).

The Taytay, Rizal-based Barbosa tallied 6.5 points on four wins and five draws in nine outings. He was tied with four others, but took third place with superior tiebreak points over fourth placer GM Vladislav Tkachiev of France, fifth placer GM Wang Yue of China, sixth placer and compatriot GM Wesley So and seventh placer GM Aleksey Dreev of Russia.

Barbosa drew with Dreev in the final round.

In other results, Tkachiev trounced GM Dao Thien Hai of Vietnam, GM Wang drew with GM Surya Shekhar Ganguly of India and So nipped compatriot GM Richard Bitoon.

GM Li Chao of China meantime beat GM Sandro Mareco of Argentina to capture the title with a superior quotient over Ganguly. Liberty Icao

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