Cyber crime mafias

WHATEVER effort our enforcement agencies or specifically the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) of the National Police are waging would certainly put to naught unless there are stronger laws that support the anti-crime operations especially against these so-called transnational organized cyber crime syndicates.

That’s why no less than Police Director Samuel Pagdilao Jr.,  CIDG chief, is appealing to the legislators to prioritize the passage of the Cyber Crime Prevention Bill which should give more teeth to the campaign of the agency as it rings alarm over a situation that gradually transforms the country into a safe haven for cyber crime operators involved in cyber pornography, cyber sex den, illegal gambling, credit card fraud and identity theft.

Gen. Pagdilao, a lawyer, laments that local authorities could hardly deal with them because cyber crime operators, many of them foreign mafias, are aware of the present organizational and technical incapability of the country’s law enforcement agencies.

As cyber crime now described as “crime of the future” since syndicates are utilizing sophisticated technology in which law enforcers in the country are lagging behind in terms of training and equipment, there’s a need for the PNP leadership to support the organizational and technical capability build-up of the CIDG’s Cyber Crime Unit in order to efficiently and effectively address the problem of cyber crimes especially those involving transnational organized crime groups.

Cognizant of the lack of technical capability of the law enforcement agencies, the US State Department, according to Gen. Pagdilao, has  handed over to the CIDG some P2-million worth of mobile forensic equipment that include servers, software and other utilities that will modernize the capability of the agency’s Anti-Transnational and Cyber Crime Division (ATCCD) in digital forensics.

With these grants from the US government, which were coursed through the Diplomatic Security’s Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program (ATAP), the CIDG is now the leading investigating unit in the country with digital forensic investigation capabilities, he says.

The program on expanding the capability of the CIDG on addressing cyber crime is also meant to help other law enforcement units and investigative agencies who are handling cases involving cyber prostitution, internet fraud and illegal online gambling but have no digital forensic capabilities.

It will also aid the   CIDG’s Project Angel Net in dealing with cyber predators and other internet abuses, he adds.

With the CIDG now armed with the latest technology in digital forensic investigation, it would now be more capable in recovering and analyzing computer-based materials and present it in such a way that it is admissible as evidence in a court of law, ATCCD chief Senior Supt. Gilbert Sosa says.

The few good men from Congress should do their share instead of engaging in too much politicking, bickering and grandstanding of which our lawmakers are most known of.

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