Fermin na-karma sa pang-ookray kay Nora Aunor, insecure kay Zoren!

DATI-RATI, wala nang ginawa itong si Cristy Fermin kundi okrayin at patutsadahan araw-araw ang Superstar na si Nora Aunor.

Sa totoo, kantyawera ang ngangaerang lola at walang pakundangan kung laitin ang multi-awarded actress sa kanyang cheap at at pralala-oriented columns.

Kesyo naghihirap na at nakititira na lang daw kay Sajid Khan chuvanes.

Nang umuwi naman sa Pinas at magtrabaho sa TV5, pinalalabas namang flopsina raw ang soap opera nito at 3% lang daw ang latest rating.

Well, at least, the Superstar’s soap is loaded with commercials and the rating is 3%. Eh, ang shows ni Ferminata wala pa yatang 1% ang rating. Hakhakhak!

Di ba’t nakahihiya? Hakhakhak!

Sa totoo, hitsura ng yoyo sa timeslot ng Juiceless. Hahahahahaha!

Ang latest, back to Graveyard shift na naman ang schedule of airing nito and there is nothing that Ferminata can do about it but to meekly acquiesce with the the powers that be for they have been most patient and tolerant of her cheap ratings that’s why she’s being avoided like the plague by most of the ad men. Hahahahahahaha!

Sino ba naman kasi, in his right frame of mind, would have the initiative to support a show that’s being shunned by the advertizers and the televiewers as well basically because of the antiquated hosting style of the main host?


Kahit ano pa ang gawin ni Papa Willie mo, there is nothing that he can do to salvage your hosting career from totally fizzling out. Hahahahaha!

Que pobrecita! Hakhakhak!

Kung bakit naman kasi pilit na ipinagduduldulan ang inaamag ng hosting style sa panahong mga Boy Abunda, Kris Aquino, Toni Gonzaga at Charlene Gonzales na ang uso, just to mention a few. Hakhakhak!

So very pitiful naman ever. Hahahahahaha!

Anyway, obvious na ang tindi ng insecurity ni Fermin kay Zoren Legaspi na advocate ng show naming Chica Mo, Chica Ko ni Peter Ledesma ang hostng style. Hakhakhak!

Sa true, lola, lalong nai-emphasize ang pagiging tulaera’t makaluma mo with Ruffa Gutierrez and Dolly Carvaja around.


Poor Ferminata, she just can’t cope up with the new trends in hosting, she appears like a dud or veritable sqaure peg on a round hole.Hahahahahahahaha!

Mag-retire ka na kasi. Tutal naman may investments ka na at negosyong naipundar.

Would you still wait for doomsday to come and completely embarrass you, lola? Hahahahahaha!

‘Yun lang!

Ang laos ay laos ay laos! Period. Ayoko ng tsakaaaaaaah!



Confident ang ABS CBN that Vice Ganda can pull it through

AFTER the blockbusting success of “No Other Woman” featuring the formidable triumvirate of Anne Curtis, Derek Ramsay and Cristine Reyes, ipalalabas na rin ang “The Unkabogable Praybeyt Benjanin” ni Vice Ganda and the hottest leading man of the hour Derek Ramsay.

Suffice to say, confident naman daw si Vice na tatangkilikin din ng publiko ang kanilang pelikula in the sense na it’s a well-crafted movie at mahusay ang kanilang direktor na si Wenn de Ramas na isang unquestioned box-office direktor.

Malaking factor rin talaga ang participation ni Vice sa pelikulang ito dahil scalding ang popularidad niya these days, tipong anything that he touches turns veritably into gold chuvanes. Hahahahaha!

Another thing, a lot of people are inordinately intrigued with his controversial love scene with Derek Ramsay, along with his wacky interactions with the great Eddie Garcia and other actors in the movie, this early truckloads of people are already dying to queue it up at the box-office.

Sa shower scene na lang daw nila ni Derek, bawing-bawi na ang mga manonood. Hakhakhak!

Anyway, October 26 na ang palabas ng The Unkabogable Praybeyt Benjamin. Do watch it. It’s a most enjoyable movie.


Ang layo na nang narating ni Cristine Reyes

DATI-RATI, walang naniniwalang she had the makings of of a veritable star.

Di naman kasi siya palaayos and was perennially outfitted in maong and t-shirt and sneakers.

Way back then, she was known as simply the younger sis of bombshell Ara Mina.

But she had dieted assiduously and had shunned away from the sun and the end-product is simply astounding.

Today, she is not only one of the sexiest and the promising actresses in the land but the newest box-office sensation as well.

Ma-imagine mong almost three hundred million (P300m) na raw ang kinita ng movie nila ni Anne Curtis at Derek Ramsay na No Other Woman?

Totoo ka, when it rains, it pours and there is no stopping Cristine Reyes from achieving the most impossible feat that befits her new stature as the looming box-office queen.

Kita n’yo naman, ang tindi pa rin ng following ng soap nilang Reputasyon na nasa primetime na at 5 p.m.

Iba kasi si Cristine, she’s not only a beautiful face but a new excitement at the box-office as well.


Nagpa-sexy lang nakalimutan na ang sekswalidad ni kuya

HAHAHAHA! How uproariously funny. Imagine, alam naman ng sanlibutan (alam daw ng sanlibutan, o! Hakhakhak!) na this young actor happens to be a closet queen or a limpwristed individual but all he did was wear a low-hung jeans and show some flesh and voila! nagbago na ang pananaw nila and he’s now considered a hunk. Hahahahaha!

Yes, dahlin’, a hunk no less who is practically being desired by so many faggots and bisexual men. Hahahahahaha!

Kunsabagay, who could blame them when he is succulent and appetizingly delicious?

Imagine, ang well-contoured butt palang, ulam na, how much more ang kanyang asset na siyang pinagtitilam-tilaman ng mga vaklushi?


Ang nakaaaning lang, women are not his cup of tea and this early, it’s already becoming glaringly obvious that it’s men with succulent dick that he’s salivating after.

‘Yun na! Hakhakhakhakhak!


How sweet of Mr. Deo Endrinal

I JUST wrote a simple piece on Sir Deo Endrinal, the man with the unquestioned Midas touch at ABS-CBN, and I was kind of dumbfounded when I received a text message from the man behind the highly successful “100 Days To Heaven,” “Budoy” and “Nasaan Ka, Eliza?” and definitely one of the highly revered and respected men at ABS-CBN, profusely thanking me for the simple item that I’ve written on him.

How touching naman. Imagine, he’s a titan in the world of soaps and teevee production and someone whom I’ve always looked-up to and admired from a distance, and yet is humble enough to thank me for a simple write-up that I’ve done.

Kaya pala super successful siya dahil he knows human nature.

Thanks Sir Deo. You made my day when I received that special message coming from you.


Albert MArtinez is a self-confessed fan of Queenstar Vi

WHY is it that most actors and actresses of today seem to have innate fascination with Queenstar Vilma Santos?

Cherie Pie has been most vocal of her admiration for Ate Vi’s greatness as an actress.

Zanjoe Marudo, in his young are, is a dyed-in-the-wool admirer of the great actress to the point that his fondest dream is purportedly to do a movie wherein Ate Vi would be her leading lady.

Lately, may nag-feed sa aming in one of his teevee interviews, Albert Martinez had made a pronouncement that he’s allegedly a big fan of the Queenstar.

“Last October 13,” one of our avid readers shares this story to us,”Albert Martinez guested at Boy Abunda’s Inside The Cinema on Cinema One.

“When asked who his showbiz crush was, he said matter of factly that it was Ms. Vilma Santos.

“When asked again who his top actress was, he again said it in a voice reeking with admiration that it was Ate Vi who was reportedly on top of his list.”

Looking back, Albert and Ate Vi played husband and wife in “Bata, Bata Pa’no Ka Ginawa” where the queenstar won another grand slam as best actress in all the existing award-giving bodies in town.

There is admittedly only one Vilma Santos and she lives in the hearts of most people who genuinely love and respect her unabatingly all these years.


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And with that, ito po ang kuya Pete ninyo na nagsasabing, Christopher, my son, I love you very, very much, my love for you goes beyond eternity.

Adios. Mabalos. I always need you, Nong!

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