Luningning insanely hitched at the watering hole of showbiz

ALONG Morato & Timog Ave., Quezon City you find three top watering holes of showbiz people, namely Zirkoh, Music Box and the latest addition R-Bistro Restobar.

You ask what do they have in common? Zirkoh along Morato is a restobar that opens at night to cater to audiences of comedy bars co-owned by good friend Lito Alejandria. It is a concert station for top artists from the entertainment world.

It also the station for well-known and veteran stand-up comedians/singers. The same with  Music Box, the oldest surviving comedy bar in the country, along Timog owned by Daddy Wowee with entertainment director Danjosh that also opens at sun down for comedy bar night owl audiences. It is also where you find scaled down versions yet of concerts from top artists of showbiz.

R-Bistro restobar at the 2nd floor of the humongous Victoria Towers of Timog is  a stone’s throw away from Music Box. It’s almost about three years old. Unlike Zirkoh and Music Box, R-Bistro is a full-time resto bar which opens at 10:00 in the morning till past midnight.

It is personally supervised by its co-owner John Pamintuan, a yuppie and a restaurateur balikbayan for good from Las Vegas who got hitched insanely (pun intended) to one of the famous troika of Willie Revillame’s Wowowee girls at ABS-CBN, the luscious Luningning who has successfully jumped over to Kapatid TV5 and is now a mainstay of its top-rated sitcom and award-winning “Lokomoko You.”

While it is far from being a comedy bar, R-Bistro is getting a bigger chunk of the showbiz clientele because Pamintuan even when he was yet in Las Vegas had developed some business and friendly ties one way or other with showbiz people from the country the likes of Willie Revillame and Cristy Fermin.

This explains why most of showbiz functions like presscons, parties, product launches, production meetings, mini-conferences, auditions and go-sees and even shoots as in shootings are held and catered here by R-Bistro chefs themselves at affordable terms. Would you believe I have done some acting workshops here, too.

I was witness to most of the showbiz parties and presscons held here. The Philippine Movie Press Club (PMPC) holds its annual Christmas party here of which in the last one I won Best In Themed Costume. I did my rehearsals here as director for PMPC’s two versions of “Movie Reporters On The Loose” which were both staged at Zirkoh.

The first ever Philippine Hip-Hop Summit presscon was held here, including the most recent series of presscons for the Wonder Gays of manager Lito De Guzman and the birthday of past PMPC prexy Roldan Castro, etc.

Often sighted at R-Bistro at some nights is the production team working for the maverick director of sitcoms and Al Tantay’s two TV programs at TV5, “Sugo Mga Kapatid” from its headwriter and good friend of ours Dan Salamante and the Phil. Dove Awardee for best entertaining sitcom “Lokomoko You.”

While R-Bistro does not have standup comedians, it has through much of the night regular gigs for its regular clients alone who are the habitués of Victory Towers.

I was told the lead actor Zyruz Imperial of the movie “Seksing Masahista” who played opposite Mocha Uson of Mocha Girls will have its regular gigs soon here.

Zyruz Imperial who is a band member used to do regular gigs at Yakitori Restobar at CCP Complex, etc. and recently at Toyz, The Fort. Among many other solo stints, Imperial has performed solo acoustics at the latest version of “Movie Reporters Got Talent On The Loose.”  He has also sang in top concerts held at Zirkoh, Music Box and The Library.

I told you R-Bistro Restobar is  the latest watering hole of showbiz this side of town. Check it out.

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