Megans society to hold joint NEC-NAC executive meeting

I WOULD like to give space to this announcement of the Megalith Nu Sigma Phi Society Fraternity and Sorority MCMLXIII, a society of over 80,000 collegiate and alumni members mostly in Visayas and Mindanao, on the joint executive meeting of the National Executive Committee and the National Advisory Council to be held on October 22-23, 2011 at Jomav Hot Springs Private Resort, Maria Makiling Hot Springs Village, Pansol, Laguna.

This historic meeting aims to revitalize and strengthen collegiate and alumni chapters and address and iron out constitutional and other critical issues for the betterment of the Society.

The members of the National Advisory Council, coming from the most senior members of the organization, namely, the national founder, eight (8) national pioneering members, regional founders, chapter founders and past chairmen of the NEC, are as follows:

BM Ponciano P. Taray (National Founder)
BM Leonito L. Fernandez
BM Fred T. Tinambunan
BM Rev. Fr. Bong Angob
BM Rocky Macatambad
BM Oscar Carsido

Following are the members of the National Executive Council for Calendar Year 2011-2012:

National Chairman – BM Dante M. Simangan
1st National Vice-Chairman (Alumni) – BM Ardan D. Sali
2nd National Vice-Chairman (Collegiate) – BM Karl Dumalaos
National Secretary General – SM Sunshine Vie Tadeo
National Treasurer – BM Fernando Faja
National Auditor – BM Eleazar Pedrigoza
National Business Relations Officer – BM Tim Candole
National Public Relations Officer – SM Christine Joy Tuble
National Justice Tribunal Officer – BM Paul Palen
National Membership & Development Officer – BM Zaldy D. Escarian

Some of the most notable media people who are members of the Society are Alex Santos (ABS-CBN), Aljo Bendijo (National Broadcasting Network – Channel 4) and Muhammad Shamsuddin Magno Simangan (Manila Bulletin).

For inquiries regarding the event, please contact BM Fred Tinambunan at Mobile No. 09178006573.


Condolence to the family of Brod Megan Garry Asero Dorado Obillo whose father joined our Creator today, October 16, 2011.

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