Military told to intensify security operation during long weekend

MILITARY units nationwide were instructed to intensify its intelligence monitoring and security operations to aid the Philippine National Police (PNP) in their respective regions for peace and stability during the nationwide celebration of All Saints’ Day and extended weekend.

Military Chief of Staff, General Eduardo Oban, Jr. said the priority should be the security of all vital installations and areas where civilians are expected to crowd, particularly cemeteries and transport terminals.

The PNP has already led the preparations and the AFP will give important intelligence information on the possible presence of opportunists who will seek to harm civilians.

“The AFP is one with the Filipino nation in the peaceful and safe commemoration of ‘Undas 2011.’ We would like to assure the people that our security efforts will be strengthened, intelligence operations will be intensified and that we are always prepared shall pressing situations and threats arise,” Oban said.

According to Oban, he will not raise the military’s alert level status as he will leave it to the discretion of the unified commanders depending on their assessment of the security situation in their respective areas of responsibilities.

“Our troops are always ready and in place especially in the peaceful celebration of our national holidays. We are ready to deploy more of our troops to augment those who are already positioned in strategic areas to provide assistance to the PNP and ensure a peaceful and safe All Saints and Souls’ Day,” Oban said.

Meanwhile, the National Capital Region Command (NCRCOM) is in constant coordination with the PNP in ensuring the safety of the public.

“Our directive is to coordinate with our police force in ensuring that our civilians in the National Capital Region are safe during the long weekend and in the coming holidays,” said NCRCOM commander Major General Tristan Kison.

“NCRCOM has enough forces in case the PNP will need additional personnel to augment their security strength,” Kison added. Anthony Vargas

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