Quest for lasting peace (12)

WITH the MOA-AD’s demise, what lies ahead in the continuing peace process between the GRP and the MILF?

The MILF appears not to have abandoned its Bangsamoro Juridical Entity substate  pursuit, and recent  sporadic interviews by mass media of current MILF leadership seemed to have confirmed this.

But as already discussed earlier, this substate thing  apparently constitutes THE  non-negotiable issue. from the viewpoint of the GPR negotiating panel, and there is not even   a  shred  of  indicium that it has slackened its iron-hard position on that.

It seems that  we are in for a long, indefinite peace negotiation odyssey.

The process, per se,  is getting to be as permanent as human existence. And there is no perceptible light at the end of the tunnel.

While hope springs eternal, the ongoing post-MOA-AD peace negotiation efforts do not seem  to offer even a glimmer of hope, with our designated peace negotiators seemingly pre-minded  in agreeing to disagree.

Is it still possible that  some  political will laced by creative/inventive genius could  one unexpected day spit a new dimension in our peace negotiation process with the MILF?

Never too late.

Let’s hope Malacanang’s trusted minions along this ‘troubled area’ can soon pull the trick that would finally lead to the realization of that long-awaited ‘miracle of peace’ in our southern horizons!

It’s all a matter of keeping an open-mind.

Of reading into the soul of the Bangsamoro psyche.

As well as  understanding by heart, and drawing guidance from,  their centuries-old travails as a people in their relentless struggle for self-determination and religious freedom.


Just maybe – our GRP panel may find the “answers” there…

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