SC dismisses Morato’s petition

THE petition filed by Manuel Morato against the present members of the board of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) has been dismissed by the Supreme Court.

The case stemmed from a petition filed by Morato, a former PCSO director, questioning the transfer of the PCSO offices from the PTSI-Quezon Institute Complex to the Philippine International Convention Center. According to Morato, the decision to transfer was whimsical and has been done without regard to the plight of the employees of the PCSO. As self appointed guardian of the PCSO employees he imputed against the present Board grave abuse of discretion in issuing the resolutions approving the transfer.

The unfounded case brought as much pain and distress to the present Board but their faith in the judicial system did not disappoint them.

In a Resolution August 31, 2011, the Supreme Court acting through the Third Division, dismissed the petition “for failure to show any grave abuse of discretion by the Board of Directors of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office in issuing the assailed board resolutions which, on the contrary, appear to be in accord with the facts and applicable law and jurisprudence.”

By this decision the Supreme Court affirmed the present PCSO Board’s deep concern for the safety of PCSO employees and beneficiaries for the safety of its employees as the reason for the transfer.

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