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MY TASK as Liberal Party district chair in the 3rd District of Masbate is to implement this marching order, on the direction of LP Provincial Chair Atty. Rainier B. Butalid.

I, however, told RBB I have to start the process in the “shining” Municipality of Dimasalang where my  better half, Mun. Councilor Baby Cabrera-Almario,  was the only LP local bet who won an elective seat in the town’s Sangguniang Bayan.

“Get the unstained, the capable and the winnable,” was RBB’s parting shot to Rapidfire.

We shall, of course, endeavor to, through the guidance of our host, Mr. Dan D. Ribas, Municipal Chair of the Liberal Party in Dimasalang, Masbate.

The outcome of LP’s selection process in Dimasalang shall surely constitute significant input to the party’s national leadership’s final go-signal, at the proper time, on who to let go as its official local bets  in this municipality.

I’d even venture to say that for a comparatively small LGU like Dimasalang, our initial list might just turn out to be the final list – barring, of course, a gargantuanly unexpected intervening development, like people from the planet Mars (those who touted PNoy as an “ABNO” or “EUNUCH” and mumblied the word “Gibo” even in their wildest dreams, or shouted to high heavens the name “Manny Villar” during the last presidential elections,  succeeding in stealthily/surreptitiously gaining entry into the party fold.

Dimasalang has a great potential for growth, being, as it were, the center of commerce in the 3rd District of Masbate.

It is ripe for eco-tourism development, what with the beautiful island of Deagan, which not too long ago then Pres. Fidel V. Ramos described as an alternative for Boracay, being located there. Very  unfortunately, this island has remained unexplored after short-sighted local politicians in the late 90’s dragged the PCGG and the DAR into dipping their fingers into its development strategy.

In the end, the island was ILLEGALLY subjected to CARP’s coverage – which I strongly resisted, as then Provincial Board Member of Masbate, representing the 3rd District. We shall write separately on this some other time. (To be continued)

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