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LOOKS like the President’s party (Partido Liberal) is dead serious in expanding and strengthening its ranks very early on.

It’s obvious LP is trying to rebound from an ignominious demonstration of forgettable physical head-count in the May 2010 national elections when then presidential candidate Noy Aquino was its only winnable prospect, thanks not to a badly-decimated LP but for the martyrdom and heroism of Pres. Tita Cory and the late Senator Ninoy Aquino, the fabled Presidential parents.

The overriding impression was that, with or without the Partido Liberal, candidate Noy Aquino would have won, anyway. Unknown to many, LP national stalwarts were so “embarrassed” by the party’s dismal showing in that May  2010 elections it badly needs redemption.

It has to begin by reassuring disgruntled followers, supporters and believers that the nightmare of 2010 is over, and that THIS TIME around, it is going to be different.

But the party has to move early. Last week’s party MARCHING ORDER was loud and clear: get the “expansion train” moving, and prepare/submit a TENTATIVE list of 2013 local hopefuls, to guide national directorate, and obviate con-fusion as the 2013 electoral exercise draws closer, when political opportunists, butterflies and their likes rush for inclusion into the party fold.

My task as LP district chair in the 3rd District of Masbate  is to implement this marching order, on the direction of LP Provincial Chair. Atty. Rainier B. Butalid.

I, however, told RBB I have to  start the process in the “shining” Municipality of Dimasalang where my  better half, Mun. Councilor Baby Cabrera-Almario, was the only LP local bet who won an elective seat in the town’s sangguniang bayan (local legislative council).

“Get the unstained, the capable and the winnable,” was RBB’s parting shot to Rapidfire.

We shall, of course, endeavor to, through the guidance of our host, Mr. Dan D. Ribas, Municipal Chair of the Liberal Party in Dimasalang, Masbate. (TO BE CONTINUED)

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