Vice Ganda inamin ang sigalot sa manager na si Ogie Diaz

VERY vocal si Vice Ganda sa presscon ng kanilang Star Cinema at Viva films movie na The Unkabogable Praybeyt Benjamin, na her working relationship with manager Ogie Diaz is purportedly strained these days and not that smooth sailing and well.

Nevertheless, she had adamantly refused to reveal the reason behind their existing gap for they had to talk things out first become she makes a decision.

At any rate, prior to the presscon, there were already some wild talks to the ef- fect that Vice would purportedly want to avail of the services of a new manager for he believes that Ogie no longer fits the bill.

Well, this development is not at all a surprising occurrence for that’s the usual state of things the very moment a talent becomes so big to the point that he feels that his manager is no longer that ideal for his stature and needs.

Anyway, our heart goes out for Ogie for I know how it feels to be in his shoes, having tried talent management many years back.

Kahit mag-usap pa sila nang masinsinan ni Vice, irrepairable na siguro ang gap na nagi-exist sa pagitan nilang dalawa.

Ganyan naman talaga kapag lumalaki na nang husto ang talent mo. Feeling nito’y he already needs a high-profiled manager that would fit his new stature.

At any rate, The Unkabogable Praybeyt Benjamin is now slated to open in some 100 cinemas on October 26, instead of its former playdate which was Otober 12.

Kasama siyempre rito ni Vice ang oozing with machismo na si Derek Ramsay, Eddie Garcia, DJ Durano, Carlos Agassi, Kean Cipriano, among many others.



May appeal pa rin naman ang not-so-young chinky-eyed actor na ‘to na during his youth was the favorite mate of this verile and good-looking actor who’s definitely   still the hottest hunk at the network he’s reigning supreme in.

‘Yun nga lang, na-outgrow na siya ng kanyang ‘mama’ who’s now focused into some younger and more appetizing dish. Hahahahaha!

If rumors are to be taken seriously, the reigning love of his not-so-young life is supposedly this hunky Filipino-Puerto Rican guy who’s living in the States and the very reason why he always makes it a point to vacation in the States more often than necessary. Hahahahahahaha!

Anyway, the last time the chinky-eyed actor approached his former flame over his candidacy, he was nice enough to offer some financial assitance but gracefully declined to openly campaign for him on the pretext that he was purportedly so tied up with his demanding commitments to be able to squeeze in a time consuming sched like that.


At least naman, he was nice enough to offer some financial help and was not brazen altogether to have him ignored.

But looking back, the chinky-eyed actor was definitely the love of the actor’s life for the longest time considering that the bisexual actor was the one who’s becomingly more well endowed. Hahahahahahahahaha!

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