Vice Ganda the most talented gay actor to have emerged from comedy bars so far

NAKALOLOKA most of the time ang mga question ng mga reportersduring press briefs in squaring off with given movie stars and director at hand who are usually placed onstage in an auditorium setting as in the case of ABS-CBN’s or in some cases seated in a row at the presidential table over some buffet propositions ready for the oligatory Q & A part of the conference.

Questions of movie reporters range mostly from the less predictable and most predictable ones. Meaning, answers are as predictable as their questions and persons if there is such thing. So you expect stock answers from the actors, boring.

Subjective? Yes. But let them live it. That’s how most brain works anyway.

For my part, when I ask a question I make it a point I don’t sound and look as insane (think stupid, mababaw, not provocative, etc.) as my question, albeit there are many of this kind during press briefs. Makes me feel at times that the movie stars are fast growing up with their chosen craft as evidenced by the way they parry questions with their eyes literally closed, while some movie reporters I feel are not in step with the precocity of the new breed of actors in our midst.

The most recent presscon for Director Wenn Deramas’s “Praybeyt Benjamin” (co-produced by Star Cinema and Viva) at Dolphy Theater of ABS-CBN which is Vice Ganda’s second major movie next to the first one which was a monster hit, “Petrang Kabayo” also by Director Wenn Deramas, is a case in point.

Joining the panelist from left to right starting with my favorite actor and kababayan from Cebu DJ Durano who calls me by name meaning he is a smart and intelligent actor because he is good at memorizing names (walang kukontra, ha?); the fabulous stage actress turned movie star Malou De Guzman, who, I used to watch in her sterling performances at her Dulaang UP days, memorable of which was Anne Klibur which launched her to full stardom as consummate stage actor; the brilliant survivor Nikki Valdez, the breezy, voluble and high achieving Director Wenn Deramas; of course the most talented comedian to have come from the comedy bars so far and the most gender sensitive (think intelligent and smart as well) in my book Vice Ganda who was seated beside the icon of Philippine cinema Mr. Eddie Garcia; fast-rising, photogenic Kean Cipriano (he was magnificent in “Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank”); and hunky squeeze Carlos Agassi.

Offhand, I would say that this second starrer of Vice Ganda would surely outgross the first one and I’m sure of this considering that the title-role is one hell of an icon now not only to gays but to the heteros as well aside from the fact that it is helmed by a reputable blockbuster director.

Now, back to my case in point which was to ask the most unpredictable question ever to Mr. Eddie Garcia bringing to his attention an item in Jingle Extra Hot magazine in the 80s in which he admitted to movie writer Arthur Quinto that in the prime of his youth he had experienced having sex with a gay, no more no less and period!

I asked Mr. Eddie Garcia if the write-up was true to which he admitted that indeed he had sex with a gay, adding to the effect in Tagalog that mabuti na raw yung ma- tikman ang lahat …(ng klaseng potahe I supposed hahaha!). Mr. Eddie Garcia’s straight answer elicited squeaks and guffaws from the press people who must have admired him of his downright sense of honesty even as he is looked upon today as a good damn actor of the past and the present generation as well. Get the drift of my provocative question?

Praybet Benjamin opens on the 26th of October nationwide. It’s good to see the partnership of Vice Ganda and his equally talented leading man of the hour and of the megahit “No Other Woman” Derek Ramsay. To see is to believe. Go watch it. You will not regret even if you spend your last bottom peso to catch it.

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