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THE ownership of high powered firearms by President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III’s adviser on political affairs Ronald Llamas is very revealing.

It shows what the real state of the nation is.

If a ranking and privilege government official like OPA Secretary Llamas is afraid for his safety what more of the ordinary folks who have no means to fight back?

Just a quick glance in today’s newspapers will show that criminals act with impunity.

We are like in the Wild West where any Tom, Dick and Harry could do what they wanted to do without fear of being prosecuted.

Walang nabago kahit pa sa sinasabing matuwid na daan.


A lot of people are disappointed with Llamas because of the mess he is in.

Coming from the organized left, more is expected from Llamas than a shallow alibi concerning his fears from being waylaid.

Ever since Secretary Llamas was active in the mass movement, especially during the dark years of martial law, his life was in constant danger and yet he managed to survive even as he adhered on non-violent principles.

But now it seems he is living by the gun.

That is so sad.

It seems that principles are mere tools to be discarded once in a position of power.


I cannot understand why a lot of media personalities are making a big issue of Pres. Aquino’s “no show” during the height of several typhoons that battered the country when in fact his non-appearance is the right thing to do.

Aquino’s presence in typhoon stricken areas would only hamper the relief operations and will be a big distraction for the provincial and local government officials.

Nasanay kasi tayo sa mga pa-picture ng Pangulo pero totoong istorbo naman.


I thank Sauyo Barangay Captain Gerardo Vitug and his competent secretary Gil Gervacio for giving me valuable assistance that led to the early filing of my claims before the Government Service Insurance System.

I also thank Ms. Virginia Velez of the GSIS satellite office in Mindanao Avenue near T. Sora Ave. for being very accommodating to people seeking her assistance.

May your tribe increase tenfold.


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