When and why?

PNOY should know it better since he’s indubitably the nation’s President unless persistent claims of being a weakling and non-performing elective official would say otherwise.

And now that both the two chambers are seemingly in harmony as most of its members are likely convinced about the need for charter change specifically on economic provisions, so why the sudden half-hearted stance of the President when in fact this is the perfect time for it?

And if it is not pushed through this time around, when again and why?

Now it can be told and that’s why he’s said to be a weakling for he’s only obedient to his number of advisers who are similarly vindictive as he is.

Never mind if his position being the highest elective official of the land is so vital on the issue as there’s no doubt that everything else centers on economy.

When the corrupt-tainted Arroyo regime was still at the helm, the new Malacañang tenants led by PNoy were pushing for everything they thought under the tree, yes, including  that  transparency  that was alien to the former administration. But now that they are at the controls, they have forgotten those sweet campaign promises.

And what’s this Freedom of Information Bill for him, just a piece of a crap?

4-M Filipinos Get Jobs

Reports fed by the Philippine Information Agency through its director, Alvin Feliciano, that at least four million Filipinos have been given gainful employment by special economic zones put up all over the archipelago as claimed by Philippine Economic Zone Authority director general Lilia De Lima, are some kind of good news.

She further explains that the Philippines’ 248 economic zones have provided 816,711 cumulative direct employment in various export processing sectors such as manufacturing and information technology (IT) enterprises.

Similarly, she said that these zones, which 15 years ago only numbered 16, gave some 3.2 million Filipinos indirect employment such as those hired for building construction and maintenance.

The massive employment generation was due primarily to higher investor confidence that largely contributed to the competitive edge being exhibited by our Filipino workers over their foreign counterparts.

Surprisingly, the PEZA chief said that multinational investors are particularly fond of hiring Pinoys for their high regard to follow rules, their trainability and their right attitude toward work.

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