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AS the Constitution is currently worded, there are only two (2) instances where the two houses of congress can vote jointly, i.e.,  when considering the propriety of proclaiming martial law or the suspension of the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus.

In all their other respective functions, they vote separately.

The other objection to the Drilon-Enrile amendment proposal is why limit the amendment/s only to the Charter’s economic provisions.

Given that it is not everyday that we perceived to be counter-productive to development, growth and peace?

Why not remove the insane term limits of elective public officials, or at least rationalize that provision.

Why not make self-executing the provision PROHIBITING POLITICAL DYNASTIES to remove from the governance scene the likes of even Drilon and Enrile who have long been in service, and give opportunity for other Filipinos to serve. There is no monopoly of political or governance talent!

And the equally foolish appointment (in public office) ban against defeated political candidates?

Many of them could be the leaders this nation, after all, needs.

But they were only outsmarted by  congenital cheats whose traditional use of gold, goons and guns during election exercises the Comelec has habitually given imprimatur to.

Why derail them for a year before they could be harnessed, via appointment, to public office?

And why should senators running for president or vice president during their term not be considered or deemed as having RESIGNED as senators upon their filing of their COC for the higher office?

Why are they more privileged in this regard than members of the lower house?

I learned in law school from the likes of Constitutionalists par excellence Justice Isagani Cruz and Sen. Neptali Gonzales that whole-sale amendment is preferred over piece-meal amendment, precisely because it takes generations to  even resort to the amendment process.

I still adhere to this idea. And the belief that a CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION is the most de-mocratic mode of amending the Constitution.

This is even made more valid in light of the present membership of the lower house, where buffoons, gangsters and popular figures like boxing icon Manny Pacquiao – who obviously  know nothing about the process of amending the constitution – are part of.

I don’t believe a sane Filipino would be amenable to entrusting the amendment of our Charter to people like them, convening in a constituent assembly.

Think Filipino. But think competently, let us.

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