Zero casualty

AMID the fury wrought by “Pedring” there’s been no casualty directly related to the typhoon and that’s in spite of the tsunami-like waves that hit the coastline of Navotas.

There’s reason for the energetic and youthful Mayor John Reynald Tiangco to be a little bit relieved over such report he culled from the City Health Office since it’s a total contradiction as compared in the past storms which resulted in the loss of lives and properties.

Nevertheless and despite maximum efforts by the city government to mitigate the effects of every typhoon that comes along what couldn’t be simply avoided is the temporary dislocation of hapless residents who have to be moved to safer places or evacuation centers, otherwise scores can perish given the wrath it unleashed and the fact that the city is flood-prone being a low-lying area.

Hence, kudos deserves the hardworking and efficient members of the Navotas Joint Rescue Team as well as other volunteers from national government units such as the Philippine Navy, Philippine Air Force and Coast Guard who’ve become the local government’s immediate partners for securing Navoteños to safe areas during the height of the typhoon.

“It is disheartening that a number of properties in the city, private and public, have been damaged if not demolished entirely by the typhoon but we have to commend the efforts of our rescue team for braving the tsunami-like waves to save the residents near the coastline of Navotas,” Tiangco says.

Wasting no time and despite threats from new storms coming ahead, Mayor Tiangco instructs the City Engineering Office to immediately repair the damaged facilities especially those essential for schools so as not to hamper classes and bring the lives of the local residents back to normal.

He adds: “This natural calamity might have affected our properties, but we should not be distraught on this sole incident as these all can be replaced and reconstructed in time.

“We are doing all the necessary efforts to revive the city’s beauty and orderliness.”

Also in the neighboring city of Malabon, Mayor Tito Oreta’s equally efficient and dedicated rescue operatives and thousands of volunteers have largely contributed in the zero-casualty record though more than 4,000 families had to be evacuated to various temporary shelters in the wake of Pedring’s rage.

The spirit of volunteerism was indeed showing its peak at the two northern cities in the metropolis and whose respective Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office is at the forefront with close coordination from the entire village officials seeing to it that  everything is in place to secure the residents by all means as no one can predict the degree and impact of the disaster.

The collective efforts of our public servants and volunteers are vital at this point of time.

The generous donations and the spirit of volunteerism that the city gets from several kindhearted individuals and organizations are truly overwhelming and inspiring, according to the two mayors.

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