IF YOU happen to be born to a Saudi father and a Filipino mother, you may consider yourself as a ‘Saudinoy.’

At present, there are reportedly more than 100 Saudinoys living in the country, 47 of whom have found their Saudi fathers while the rest are still yearning to meet – or at very least know more about – their Saudi father.

These 47 Saudinoys have already gained recognition by their Saudi fathers because they were able to present all documentations, such as marriage contracts between their Filipina mothers and the Saudi husbands, as well as birth certificates, letters, photos, and personal effects left behind by the Saudi men, to prove their identity.

Although it may be difficult to get an exact number of Saudinoys, it is highly probable that there are hundreds more Filipino children of Saudi parentage who, due to lack of proper documentation, have nothing to show for their identity other than that of their facial features.

We heard a lot of stories about Filipino women who got pregnant outside of wedlock by a Saudi citizen, but were forced to go back to the Philippines with their children in tow when their marriages or relationships with Saudi citizens do not work out. Those who were not prepared for such situation, they are unable to find jobs here to support themselves and their children.

But the plight of these Saudi-Filipino children abandoned by their Saudi fathers when they were young have not been lost on non-governmental organizations, such as the Back-to-the-Roots Foundation and the Awasser, which provide legal assistance programs that help locate their  Saudi fathers and negotiate for legal recognition and financial support, among others.

Part of their program is to ensure that these Saudinoys get not only an educational support but also health, housing, moral and social support, and consequently, link them back to the tradition and culture of their rightful country, and much more so that of Islam.

The good thing is that the Saudi government has launched a global search for children born to foreign women and Saudi fathers overseas to let these children realize that although they have been abandoned by their Saudi fathers, they have not been totally forgotten.

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