Bongga ang ganda ni Carla Abellana

Bonggacious ang gown na suot ni Carla Abellana sa superfab na presss launch ng kanyang latest endorsement as Tanduay’s latest model/endorser.

Considering that most of the endorsers of the said liqueur company used to be donning such alluringly provocative outfits during their presscon launch, winsome Carla was outfitted in a shimmering backless gown that more than highlighted her ample endowments, albeit in a sweet appealing manner.

In stark contrast to Solenn Heussaff who was predominantly a femme fatale, Carla exudes freshness and wholesome appeal in her pictorials and in person as well.

To qoute a part of her eloquently written press release, “Carla Abellana definitely brings a very distinct elegance and appeal once she enters the room. And like every- one else, we can hardly wait to see her showcase these traits as Tanduay’s Calendar girl for 2012.

“She’ll totally provide something new and fresh to the millions who fervently await Tanduay’s yearly offering.”

Well, in fairness, iba naman talaga kung may breeding at pinag-aralan ang isang tao.

Anyway, habang tiningnan namin up-close si Carla, we are suddenly reminded of her mom Ria Reyes whom we interviewed way back during the early 80s when she was trying to carve a niche at the celluloid firmament.

We just couldn’t hardly believe that this young woman standing infront of us is the product of the union of self-effacing Ria and the heartthrob of the 80s Rey ‘PJ’ Abellana.

How soon time flies. Ganon na pala katagal nang pasyalan namin si Ria the summmer of 1983 sa well-appointed residence nila somewhere in Kyusi.

My God! Wala na nga pala sa industriya sina Leni Santos at Julie Vega (SLN) at 2011 na! At father roles na ang ginagampanan nina Rey at Lito Pimentel. Hahahaha!

At least we are thankful to be still around and doing the thing that we love to do most – writing.


Nagkaroon ng premiere night sa SM Megamall ang Won’t Last a Day Without You two nights ago at dahil napasabay ito sa press launch ni Carla Abellana, di kami nakapunta.

Nevertheless, we’ve gathered na well-attended ito at naging matagumpay.

“Matagumpay po talaga ang premiere night,” so says one of Sarah’s loyal followers.

“Sa rami ng taong um-attend, dalawang cinemas ang ginamit (cinemas 9 and 10),”she further informs us.

Oh, well, sana nga’y maging certified blockbuster ang movie na ‘to nina Sarah at Gerald Anderson lalo na’t bonggacious ang mga pelikulang sinundan nito under Star Cinema.

Goodluck Sarah. Dapat pagbutihin ng mga supporters n’yo ang pagsuporta lalo na’t 300 million ang kinita nu’ng last movie na inyong sinundan.

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