Deadma na sa maragul na nota ni papa

COLD as the weather in Alaska raw ang atmosphere sa pagitan ng mag-asawang ito na dati-rati nama’y very much in love with each other. Hahahahahahaha!

Magkasama silang naturingan sa isang reality show but far from rekindling some old feelings, to no avail. Wala ring balikang naganap at parang so-so lang ang emote ng girlalu sa tuwing magkakasama raw sila sa secluded na islang ‘yun.

Ang siyete, tinanggap daw nu’ng parang ‘autistic’ (slight lang naman…Hakhakhak! Joke!) na girlalu ang offer ng network for wanting of better things to do.

Is that soooooo?

Totoo ba ito? How hurting naman on the part of the husband who is said to be still carrying an old torch for his aberrant wife. Hakhakhakhak!

Kahit nga sa presscon ng kanilang reality chuva, she was conspicuously reticent and seemed not in the mood to talk or join the gaiety and camaraderie around her.


Ang sabi, hindi raw talaga matanggap nu’ng girlalu na tipong time has passed her by and the mere fact that she is no longer the toast of tinsel town the way she used to is too much for her to take.

The husband is reportedly more than willing to smoke the peace pipe but the wife seems to be very much indifferent to that idea to the point of ignoring the fabled endowments of her husband.

Deadma na talaga sa notes ni kuya ang parang may sariling mundong aktresa and most of the time, she seems to be alone with her thoughts. Hahahahahaha!


Magpinsang daks at astig!

HOW amusing ang commentaries ng working press nang ang magpinsang astig ang arrive na sina Arthur Solinap at Carlo Gonzalez ang rumampa sa entablado sa presscon ng Survivor Philippines Celebrity Doubles Showdown sa isa sa mga studios ng GMA that was fabulously arranged to approximate the looks of majestic scenery that characterizes San Vicente, Palawan.

Anyway, kaya pala familiar ang face nitong si Carlo Gonzalez ay dahil sa he was the one that was featured as Lapu-lapu at the Lupang Hinirang conceptualized by GMA-7.

The guy looks pretty exotic and so is his cousin Arthur.

At any rate, habang rumarampa sila with the swagger that most macho men have, nakatatawa ang mga lascivious commentaries na naririnig namin. Hakhakhak!

Anyhow, we might as well keep them, lest we embarrass the two hunks in question. Hakhakhak!

Anyway, plus factor ang dalawang hunks na ‘to para lalong maging exciting ang panonood ng mga vaklushi almost on a nightly basis. Hahahahahaha!

Monday na nga pala, November 14, ang initial airing ng Survivor Philippines Celebrity Doubles Showdown on GMA’s Telebabad block.


Vilma’s awesome longevity

WHILE I was scanning the pages of the magazine that was given to me by Jojo Lim, president of one of the chapters of Ate Vi’s global fan club, I noticed that some of the actors and actresses she was photographed with are no longer half as popular as the way they used to when those photos were taken.

Iba talaga ang staying power at longevity ng isang Queenstar for all Seasons as compared to other actors who are no longer in vogue at an age when Ate Vi’s career is still burgeoning.

Sa ngayon talaga, wala ng mga artistang tulad nila ni Nora Aunor na kahit lumigwak na ang mga taon ay maintained pa rin ang stature at arrive sa industriya.

Imagine, ‘yung isa niyang leading man ay nag-fade na nang todo-todo ang popularidad at di na active sa paggawa ng pelikula.

‘Yung isa naman, inasmuch as he’s still doing occasional movies, the roles that he gets to delineate are no longer leading man material.

But our dear Ate Vi still commands a huge following and movie producers are still queuing it up at her doorstep to avail of her much sought-after services.

Kunsabagay, you are what you envision yourself to be.

And Ate Vi has always been career oriented right from the very start.


Nagkagulo sila sa daks na indie actor (hahahaha!)

HOW uproarioously funny. Hakhakhak! Ever since we wrote about that well-endowed indie actor who went out of his way to lure a screaming fag into his cobweb of libidinous sex, sandamakmak talaga ang interesadong malaman kung sino ito. Hakhakhak!

Some are even willing to pay him a good sum of money in exchange of some sexual favors.

Well, there was a time when he was given some featured roles in some soaps at a popular network but unfortunately, he was not much of an actor, he was unceremoniously dissmissed and was not given featured roles anymore.

Kaya sa ngayon, since he doesn’t have regular sources of income, he’s reduced into plying the skin trade.

What a pity!


Mr. Philippine Republic North Luzon 2011

MARAMI ang na-cute-tan sa nai-feature nating candidate ng Mr. Philippine Republic North Luzon 2011 the other day kaya we are featuring again another candidate as taken by photog Erix Leano.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get his full name but his sizzling photo would more than suffice Sir Nilo Agustin. Am I right?

Anyway, for your delectation, here he is in all his ripened to perfection masculine allure.


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And with that, ito po ang kuya Pete ninyo na nagsasabing, Christopher, my son, I love you very, very much, my love for you goes beyond eternity.

Adios. Mabalos. I always need you Nong.

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