Expanding the hunt for saboteurs

CHEERS exploded beside every television set nationwide on the day President Benigno Aquino announced that the unexpected fate that befell on former Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (her having just been haled to court on an electoral sabotage charge for orchestrating the massive cheating in Maguindanao in the 2007 senatorial elections) “was just the beginning.”

Barely minutes after, my cellular phone was bamboozled with calls/text messages asking Rapidfire to urge the President to extend the DOJ-COMELEC electoral sabotage investigations to the provinces, cities and municipalities across the nation.

Callers/texters suggested that Malacañang should instruct the mentioned agencies/departments to constitute as many joint investigators as they can to comb pertinent offices in provinces and cities with the end in view of retrieving available documents on electoral manipulations therein, at least beginning with the 2001 elections.

The greatest electoral cheats are not PGMA and her husband Mike Arroyo. They just happened to orchestrate the grandest senatorial electoral fraud (that 2007 12-0 result in that 2007 senatorial race) in recent memory.

But the incorrigible, if habitual, cheats are the Governors and Congressmen and some city and municipal mayors who continue to be in office thru sheer poll-related violence/manipulation, ALWAYS in connivance with local election officers, from the provincial election supervisors down to the municipal election officers.

It is not an exaggeration to state that 90% and up of those holding elective positions in localities across the nation TODAY are surrogates without true/clear mandate from the electorate! (To be continued)

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