Historic Friday

WITH lightning dispatch one historic Friday (November 18), the PNoy Administration fulfilled a 2010 campaign commitment to hale to the  bars of justice those responsible for massive electoral frauds in previous elections.

The electoral sabotage complaint filed with the Regional Trial Court of Pasay last Friday against former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and her cohorts for manipulating the 2007 senatorial polls in Maguindanao (to produce a 12-0 result for her Administration’s bets) is,  indeed, historic.

No one ever imagined it would happen.

That special offense called ELECTORAL SABOTAGE  was introduced in the Election Automation Law of 2007 only as a consuelo de bobo for the then opposition to distract them from entertaining any notion that massive cheating in the 2007 mid-term polls already had the go-signal from Malacañang.

From the admission of Benjamin Abalos –  ironically the ‘raw author’ of this special law (he crafted its initial draft, on the instructions of PGMA) – that special law was merely intended to feed the public’s expected reaction:  it was just another addition to the growing list of “paper tigers” (or laws only on paper, but are actually unimplemen-table, like Marcos’ Anti-Mendicancy Law).

Mrs. Arroyo and Señor Abalos – thanks to the new Administration’s se-rious sense of justice – will be fried in their own pan, and with their own specially-formulated “cooking oil”.

And  since  poll  sabotage is a capital offense and therefore non-bailable, Abalos had better start flexing his muscles and familiarizing his grip of that proverbial “rehas na bakal”.

The  entire procedural work, from case build-up to the filing of the complaint, took only three (3) months.

It is very awesome, of course, by past Department of Justice  output standards.  (TO BE CONTINUED)

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