iBUS for safer roads

THE plan by the Metro Manila Development Authority to conduct a pilot test of the Intelligent Bus Utility System (iBUS) is indeed a welcome development as another bright and creative idea in finding solutions to the perennially-horrendous traffic congestion in Metro Manila.

Invented by Ilonggo Elma Arboleras and Rodel de Guzman, iBus is a bus monitoring and management system using machine readable tags that would digitally identify buses, segregating them into groups and assigning each group to a particular designated bus stop or pick-up points.

According to its investors, the iBUS would also give each bus the chance to load and unload passengers at a limited allotted time and without encroaching on another route, thereby instilling discipline by preventing them from stopping and using other lanes intended for other uses.

At the same time, the iBUS would also monitor and ma-nage the bus operation with minimal participation of traffic enforcers. With iBUS, every violation is automatically recorded without the need for traffic enforcer to see the violation using CCTV or by being actually in the scene.

Another benefit of the iBUS is that it would install a Real Time Location System that tracks the bus location and projects its exact arrival on the designated stop or pick-up points, similar to the bus transport system in other countries, especially in the US and Europe.

I commend the MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino for continuously looking for innovative ways in finding solutions to traffic problems. MMDA’s designation of motorcycle lanes has not only put order on our major thoroughfares but has also significantly lowered vehicular accidents.

With 316,345 vehicles plying through EDSA, 12,689 of which are buses which have been singled out as the main culprit in traffic congestion, I think this Filipino invention which has won gold medal in a British Invention Show deserves our full support.

And perhaps, once our bus transport system has become more organized and better managed, we can be encouraged to ride on these buses once again. Hopefully, public commuting can now become safer and more convenient.

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