Outgoing army chief says there’s no destab threat

MANILA, Philippines – the outgoing commanding general of the Philippine Army denied on Friday that soldiers will be joining in any destabization or effort to undermine the Aquino administration.

Army Chief, Lt. General Arturo Ortiz, who is due to retire from the military service next week, said that he has not received any reports nor he had felt any destablization move coming from the army.

“I have not felt any destabilization – our soldiers there are too busy performing their jobs and and they have any luxury,” Ortiz, a medal of valor recipient, told defense reporters during a chance interview at Fort Bonifacio.

The outgoing army chief added. “Definitely I am confident that our soldiers now are very professionals and our soldiers observe the chain of the command and I am speaking of what I see and what I feel.”

The army chief said that soldiers are very focused in their accomplishing their missions and very busy in addressing the security situation in the country and the commander in chief is doing good in his running the military.

Rumours of destablization threat against the Aquino government following the death of more than 20 soldiers and policemen in several ambuscades staged by lawless elements that has ties with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).

Soldiers, according to one text messages circulating, were dismayed on how the Aquino government handled the ambush of soldiers in Al-Barka, Basilan last October 18 for their apparent leniency with rebels.

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