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MEANWHILE, and unknown to national officials in Manila, Dimasalang town happens to be a miniature “Ampatuan Country” where mysterious deaths and/or disappearances are day-to-day occurrences as a consequence of intense local political rivalry and infighting.

The UNSOLVED death of former Vice Mayor Regolo Moran, Banahaw Brgy. Captain Bong Esparrago, Brgy. Capt. Fidel Tepait, PNP Dep/Supt. Jeremias Sanchez and scores more – all ascribed to heated local political squabbles – have yet to be addressed.

But by the looks of it, JUSTICE for the victims is still light-years away from sight.

There are also lingering questions on how the IRA and monies of Dimasalang have all along been disbursed, with not a few expressing suspicion they may have been methodically plundered, with the culprits, in wanton conspiracy, conveniently resorting to MAGIC disbursement documentation.

No one, for sure,  has definite answers to this query – especially since the special COA audit (promised by Gov. Lanete upon assuming office) of the financial statements of Dimasalang over the past fifteen (15) years (which is the prescriptive period for the filing of malversation cases) has not yet begun and is eagerly awaited by the people of Dimasalang.

“All these have to be ad-dressed in due time,” Budget Secretary Florencio “Butch” Abad emphatically stressed.

“After all, this tiny LGU is still part of this Republic.

And no one should have the ‘wang-wang’ mentality to act like he/she OWNED the same, like Col. Khadafi did with Libya.

“Everyone now knows how Khadafi’s end turned out.

“But first things first.

“Dimasalang folks should first put their acts together by, first and foremost, now CHANGING their local leaders.

“They ought to have learned their lesson by now. It is time they go for the uncompromising, honest, qualified, competent and most of all, those whose commitment to good and graft-free governance is beyond cloud of doubt,” the Secretary concluded.

And so, let’s get the process going, Chairman Dan Ribas.

Let’s give our party’s national directorate your best recommendees from your beloved Dimasalang!

And have no fear, Dan.

Because we have Liberal Party’s ASSURANCE that THIS TIME around, it is going to be different for the party’s local candidates, anywhere in this Republic.

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