Tolerated lawlessness (2)

THIS same combined elements of AFP-PNP officers which barged their way into the Coto Mines returned on October 31, 2011, this time escorting  undocumented Chinese nationals supposedly from another ‘claimant-concessionnaire’ of the mines.

CMI could only surmise that such illegal intrusion was the handiwork of surrogate mines claimant  Companhia Minera Tubajon, Inc. (“Minera”) – or its successor-in-interest (whichever it is).

But CMI can hardly imagine such intrusion happening, since only last year (2010), Minera LOST  to CMI an ejectment case (decided by the Municpal Circuit Trial Court of Masinloc-Palauig, Zambales.

The dispositive portion of that final and executory decision reads :

“xxx (t)he amended complaint with the Application for the issuance of  a Writ  of Preliminary Mandatory Injunction filed by plaintiff Consoli-dated Mines, Inc. dated April 27, 2009 is GRANTED.

Defendant (Minera) and/or any other person claiming rights under it, including any of its agents,   representatives   or  successors-in-interest, is ordered to restrain from the commission or continuance of the acts complained of xxx which causes irreparable damages to xxx CMI xxx.”

The perpetrators of this illegal intrusion act are clearly oblivious of a possible contempt of court for knowingly ignoring/disregarding a lawful and final Order of a court of law.

And from all indications, Mr. San Jose claimed, who else but Gov. Ebdane and  Masinloc Ex-Mayor Jessu Edora could (again)  be  behind  such  caper,  as no one  would have the temerity to do that, without the blessing of ‘powerful gods’  in Zambales.

CMI has once more written Secretary Robredo, careof Secretary De Lima, about this new round of  intrusion into the Coto Mines turf, requesting for an immediate investigation of the incident.

From the looks of it, though, CMI is again in for a joyride. (TO BE CONTINUED)

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