Adulterated LP recruitment

SPEAKER Feliciano “Sonny” Belmonte, Jr. and Rep. Sergio Apostol (2nd District, Leyte) have many things in common.

One, they’re both TRADPOLS of the highest order.

Two, they were both richly-favored MOUTHPIECES of former PGMA, but are now proud LP TURNCOATS. The only difference is that Belmonte was kind of wiser than Apostol. The former jumped ship (Lakas) just before it sank (in the May, 2010 elections). The latter, only AFTER PNoy won. Reports say Apostol’s entry into the LP fold was met with   boisterous objection from Leytenos who risked life and limb to promote the Noy-Mar tandem in that presidential derby.

Three, their ability to con even the presidency. Belmonte made Noynoy believe Quezon City would be crucial to the latter’s victory. It turned out that even without the equivalent vote of five (5) QCs, Noy was still headed for the laharslide.

On the other hand, Apostol seems to have succeeded in making PNoy subalterns believe that even at the former’s age (Apostol now looks like semi-senile 90-year-old), he can still muster the votes that LP needs.

But perhaps more significantly, Belmonte and Apostol, using the former’s clout as House Speaker, are adulterating LP’s principled recruitment procedure, by forcing open the LP gates to the duo’s  party-mates. Belmonte is clearly playing ‘Don Vito Corleone’ to his congressmen, to strengthen his hold of the legislature. Apostol, on the other hand, wants to continue receiving political ‘manah’ – this time around not from the Lakas he once served with asenine devotion, but from the Liberal Party.

And so it was that the December 1 Basic Orientation on Liberal Democracy (BOLD) held at Balay preparatory to that day’s LP recruits’ taking their oath as party members were 96% composed of that ‘exodus of tradpols’ (mayors, board members, vice mayors,) herded by Rep. Apostol from his district as well as other congressional districts in Leyte.

In an interaction moment during the seminar, Apostol’s protégés could not even identify past and present LP stalwarts, except the martyred Sen. Ninoy Aquino. Asked to comment about such embarrassing unfamiliarity by his wards, Cong. Apostol – whose horrendous English diction dilutes his reputed mental prowess – just shrugged off his shoulders and remarked:

“LP should be happy with this turnout from my province. How do you expect that party to win in Leyte in the future without us? Didn’t Sen. Ninoy himself say that while Liberals are idealistic, they are also practical?”

Is this a handwriting on the wall that LP raiders are gradually increasing in number ready to invade LP turfs across the nation in time for the 2013 electoral exercise? Liberal Democracy or Practical Democracy?

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