At the end of the day (2)

WHAT is happening to Presidential Legal Counsel Ed De Mesa?

This cabinet official, like DILG Usec. Rico Puno, has not figured at all in Malacañang’s various legal scuffles with the  Supreme Court.

During Sen. Rene Saguisag’s time as PLC (during Pres. Tita Cory’s Administration), his name was a household byword, together with  the better Arroyo – then Executive Secretary (and now Senator) Joker Arroyo.

PNoy should at least approximate his late mom’s official legal circle if he were to outlast CGMA’s  ‘lawyers in the Supreme Court’ in this precedent-setting ‘battle royale’ with the the


In a related development,  another “war” is looming  – also related with the Administration’s  “tuwid na landas” credo of governance  –  this time featuring DOTC Sec. Mar Roxas.

The Secretary has virtually declared war on a syndicate of vehicle insurance providers and their conspirators  that have

long been manipulating and cor-nering vehicle insurance throughout the country.

As a consequence, this syndicate has already began bracing for ‘war.’ And Sec. Roxas knows this.

Can Sec. Roxas, ‘at the end  of  the  day’,  say  with confidence that ‘good could easily defeat evil and since I represent good, it will be easy to prevail over this syndicate since the people are with me?”

Better said than done.  Sec. Roxas has a lot of preparations to do, and one of which is replacing  identified bad eggs in his agency and appointing as LTO regional directors only the competent, knowledgeable and  those with no graft complications.

Right now, Region V  badly needs this kind of RG. Reports say that there are around 26 applicants to this position.

Sec. Roxas should defer to the recommendation of GCG Commissioner Atty. Rainier B. Butalid. (Comm. Butalid is a Bicolano  who knows his fellow Bicolanos very well.)

That is, if Sec. Roxas  would relish with the thought of  being able to say someday that his  LTO-RDV  nominee today proved to be an efficient and honest/spotless public servant.

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