At the end of the day

THE President repeated  the phrase ‘at the end of the day’ at least four times in his message to partymates during Liberal Party’s Christmas Party at Balay last December

It would premise a query on whether any  specific action he did for the bosses’ (people’) welfare pleased them, especially anent his anti-graft thrust, anti-poverty program and his peace initiative.

Earlier in the same evening,  the President swore in office around 30 to 40 new LP recruits (governors, congressmen and city mayors), 95  percent  of  whom were previously Lakas members.

Can LP, ‘at the end of the day’, truly ascertain that this latest batch of  recruits could be of financial/akin  help to partymates in the coming electoral exercises?

Rapidfire seriously doubts.

Talking of the 2016 presidential derby, for instance, ninety percent (90%)  of the city mayors sworn in, for instance, will go for VP Jejomar Binay from whom they owe advanced favors.

Earlier in the day in another venue on the occasion of  the very first criminal justice system summit, President Benigno Simeon Aquino III castigated Chief Justice Renato Corona for the latter’s “obstructing”  every legal step Malacañang/the Executive Department took to hale to court former PGMA for her Administration’s capers.

He could say, ‘at the end of the day’, that the citizenry met PNoy’s said act with approval.

Emerging/snowballing  public reaction indicates so.

But can the President, ‘at the end of the day’,  expect to smoothly win his “war” against the so-called ‘Arroyo 8’,  with only a handful of  ‘legal eagles’ assisting him.

It appears that only Department of Justice Secretary Leila de Lima  and Commission on Elections Chair Boy Brillantes are extending PNoy reliable and meaningful legal assistance.

What’s happening to Presidential Legal Counsel Ed de Mesa?

This cabinet official, like DILG Usec Rico Puno, has not figured at all in Malacañang’s various legal scuffles with the Supreme Court. (TO BE CONTINUED)

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