Dictated by conscience

TERRIBLY dismayed by the obvious cohesive yet menacing acts of P-Noy and the Lower Chamber led by subservient Speaker Sonny Belmonte, Navotas Rep. Toby Tiangco just did the right thing when he followed what his conscience wanted him to do so.

Cognizant of the consequences of his action, the former city mayor-turned-lawmaker resigned from the majority bloc as he relinquished at the same time all the positions assigned to him.

To him, he could not simply stomach the festering submission of Belmonte and the President’s allies at the House when they railroaded and hastily approved the 57-page impeachment complaint against beleaguered Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona in their bid to satisfy the wishes of some Malacañang tenants today.

The Navotas solon in his privilege speech said: “I admired the President and his wish for the straight path for the country. I know that the President himself is an example of one who follows the laws of the land.”

“So, it seems inconsistent that a President who follows basic traffic rules, does not want due process to be followed,” said the overly disgusted Rep. Tiangco as he narrated how he witnessed PNoy stopping at red light.

It appears maverick Toby could easily give his yes vote to the delight of Belmonte and his bunch of “well-trained and obedient” allies but only if the Speaker had given them a little time to go over the articles of impeachment instead of giving them just two options that is to sign or not sign and the worst of all: no questions were entertained.

A rubber stamp Congress that is, indeed.

Toby was fully aware about the power and influence the President wields as the latter could have a hand to delay the release of his priority development assistance fund (PDAF) or to many the pork barrel, but he had to follow what his conscience dictated.

After all, he can quickly put the blame for the non-release of his PDAF to the too submissive PNoy’s budget chief who appears to have penchant for having alibis particularly for those who don’t play the games the President wants them to play.

With his action, he’s again on the path without the much-needed pork barrel for his lone congressional district and not to mention the last time his constituents suffered for a couple of months for reason he did not sign the impeachment complaint against then Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez.

Just to set the record straight, Rep. Toby’s refusal to sign and eventually resign from the majority bloc  should not be construed that he’s for the jailed ex-president-turned Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Having known him since he was Navotas vice mayor before it was cut short when he succeeded the mayor who wasn’t able to finish his term when he died, Rep. Tiangco was a loyal supporter and leader of ex-President Erap Estrada.

Ex-Presidents Erap and Arroyo both left office but he remains with the former. That’s the man.

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