Filipino drug mules

ANOTHER overseas Filipino worker, aged 34, is scheduled to be executed for drug trafficking in China on December 8, the feast day of the Immaculate Conception, the Philippines’ patron saint.

He will be the fourth Filipino who will be executed for posing as drug mule or courier.

Early this year, three other Filipino drug mules — Sally Villanueva, Ramon Credo and Elizabeth Batain — were also executed in China after being convicted for drug trafficking.

Despite our incessant prayers and appeals to commute their death sentences, their executions were carried out nevertheless.

For the past decades, the stories of these Filipino drug mules are not as visible as it used to be. They hardly made the news headlines. But nowadays, there is huge public interest in their stories and the government needs to act on these cases before it becomes too late.

Based on reports, about 62 Filipinos are currently in death row in China for drug-related offences. Of this figure, 53 are said to be women and 9 men.

Lured by some $500 to $2,500 reward, these drug mules carry prohibited drugs concealed in their bags, shoes, clothes and luggage, inside soles of slippers, stuffed into fabric buttons of clothes and T-shirts immersed in liquified illegal drug.

They even allow syndicate to sew drugs inside their abdominal cavities and are not ashamed of tucking condomfull of illegal drugs inside genitals.

Drug syndicates are indeed getting more creative and bolder at the expense of our poor overseas workers.

Of course, we do not condone the illegal act they have committed.

It is no quarrel that drug trafficking is illegal and therefore should be meted out the strictest punishment under our and other country’s laws.

However, these executions send us a grim reminder of the fate of millions of Filipino overseas workers, many of whom are lured into doing illegal activities, including prostitution, in exchange for extra cash to send to their families back home.

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