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PNOY’s visit to Legazpi City  last week to address a climate change conference created a mild uproar when the President announced the release, thru the DPWH, of  some Php 730 Million for infrastructure projects in Bicol.

The tantrum was not on the release of the amount  but in its “partition”, which saw the provinces of Masbate, Camarines Norte and Catanduanes receiving the “tingi-tingi” shares, with only Php 20 Million,  Php 17 Million and Php 1.5 Million, respectively.

Albay province got the lion’s share with Php 163 Million.

Masbate Governor Rizalina Seachon and Masbate 1st District  Representative Narciso Bravo, Jr. reportedly voiced the noisiest howl, both ascribing the province’s ‘misfortune’ as an act of “vindictiveness” on the President’s part for NOT getting their support during the May, 2010 presidential derby.

Gov. Seachon and Rep. Bravo are, of course, barking up the wrong tree. First of all, the releases were in accordance with the recommendation of  an eva-luation team dispatched by the Department of Public Works and Highways months before to conduct an inventory  of all DPWH projects in Masbate.

The finding was lamentably nauseating, to say the least . The 1st District registered the most number of GHOST and SUBSTANDARD  “accomplished” projects. The DPWH even ordered the REPLACEMENT by involved contractors of the substandard projects.

On the other hand, the projects reported to have been accomplished in the 3rd District were those ALREADY previously reported during the incumbency, yet, of  the late Rep. Fausto Seachon, Jr. as Congressman for the 3rd Dist. of  Masbate. And that was a long time ago.

Secondly,  the President is not the vindictive type of a person – having learned so much humility, understanding and compassion throughout his life, under his martyred dad and hero-mom. It is the height of idiocy if not paranoia to even imagine the Chief Executive imposing his vindictive ire through a measly project amount.

If at all, the restraint in the allocation for Masbate may have been impelled by an educated presidential hunch that a substantial stash of the  infra money for Masbate may just end up in Lanete’s and Bravo’s pockets.

And to think that both Lanete and Bravo are dying to take their oath as new LP members!

Talk about shameless temerity.

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