Oplan daw

I NEARLY fell off my seat the other day when Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s spokesperson, Maria Elena Bautista-Horn, announced that there was a plan to kill her patron codenamed: “Oplan Put the Little Girl to sleep.”

Who would want to kill the former Malacañang tenant when almost everybody wanted her prosecuted for the abuses committed during her reign?

It seems that the Arroyo camp is so desperate to gain the sympathy of the people they once despise that they won’t stop at anything to earn it.

This one desperate move is for the book of world records.

* * *

Oplan Put that little girl to sleep…. hahaha.

They all got it wrong when they said there is a plot to kill Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

Actually, a partylist representative from a left leaning organization told this writer, that the oplan was actually hatched by supporters of the former Malacañang tenant not to kill her but to help her sleep soundly  since she is suffering from anxiety due to their failure to leave the country and the charges she is facing in court.

“Ang oplan ay hindi para siya patayin kundi para matulungan siyang matulog ng mahimbing dahil hindi na raw siya napagkakatulog ngayon.”

Har har har

* * *

According to another high profile businessman whom I met last Thursday at the Quezon City Memorial Circle, whoever created or thought of that laughable OPLAN name is clearly not a military personnel but someone who is like a dog trying to ingratiate ones self to a master. Har har har.

* * *

Anak Pawis Party-list Representative Rafael Mariano said security arrangements for Ms. Arroyo won’t be a problem if there is really a threat against her.

He said volunteers from Ang Galing Pinoy Party-list could offer their security expertise to her.

Ang Galing Pinoy Party-list is headed by Arroyo’s son Mikey.

The group is supposedly representing the interest of security guards nationwide.

“The government need not spend a single centavo more than what it is spending in the  current security arrangement for Arroyo.  Their volunteer security guards could secure her,” Mariano said with a broad smile on his face.

* * *
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