Primary relationship

IT’S incredibly stunning and worth-motivating as well for workers or personnel of any particular firm or organization if its employers or bosses are hands-on and have primary relationship with them down to lowly-paid janitors. The result: a more competitive, productive and yet social-driven institution.

One dazzling example is the Colegio de San Lorenzo that’s conveniently located in Congressional Avenue in Quezon City whose owners Mr. Cirilo Lloyd Balgan and better-half Macabebe, Pampanga Mayor Annette Flores-Balgan have no less than Mayor Bistek Bautista who’s all praises for their sacrifice over sure huge profits that’s to provide an educational program which offers the lowest possible payment scheme for tuition and other matriculation fees for students from poor families.

Having had the rare chance to mingle with Mr. Balgan and some faculty members over a sumptuous lunch few days back, I was greatly amazed by the way he treats them as if they’re all family members.

A kind of relationship that’s seldom seen in others as Colegio’s faculty members and personnel are all fortunate and rejoicing over the years for having such terrific couple that is more preoccupied in sharing their blessings to their employees, friends and students especially those from poor family.

Mr. Balgan says: “I and my wife have always thought of sharing things to others and it is always fulfilling that we can extend the much-needed help to others in the best way we can. And we will not get tired of doing it.”

To recall, the Balgans were commended by the mayor for being the very first to respond to the call of the government to give more deserving students from less-privileged families a chance to avail of an affordable and quality tertiary education from private and well-known schools like CDSL. (TO BE CONTINUED)

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