Typhoon Sendong

WE join the nation in mourning the dead and praying for the injured in Cagayan de Oro (CDO), Iligan City and other areas affected by tropical storm Sendong.

Tragic as it is, we believe the incident will give rise to a much stronger nation and more responsible government.

May God be with us always.

* * *

Experience taught us that after every tragedy in this country follows the frenzied finger pointing by grandstanding personalities and pul-politicos to ensure that they won’t be blamed for aggrava-ting the effects of the calamity or to maximize “pogi points.”

Truly here is nothing, even tragedies, that these social leeches won’t exploit to advance their interest.

But the people knew better for they are not stupid as these leeches want us to believe.

Ask any street smart in CDO and Iligan why there is severe flash flooding and they will answer it is because of the severe mining done by profit-hungry corporations and logging (illegal and legal) by greedy entities which include powerful families.

Ask why there are so many casualties, especially the poor, along the riverbanks and they will answer it’s because pul-politicos tolerated their living dangerously by the riverbanks which over-flowed because of Sendong. They were tolerated because of their votes.

Ask where the government is or why it is slow in responding to the calamity and they will either say it is absent or incompetent.

I bet someone may later sue those accountable for aggravating the wrath of nature but nobody of consequence would be held accountable.

There will be attempts by the government to rectify these wrongs but only time can tell whether these rectification attempts are serious enough to prevent a similar aggrAAavation of misfortune from happening.

One thing I am sure of is that in a few days, just like rubbing lemon juice to an open wound, a lot of those who had a hand in the degrading the environment that led to these aggravated conditions would profess love for the environment.

* * *

Three years ago the World Wide Fund for Nature-Philippines predicted the tragedy that recently struck CDO and Iligan Ci-ties and reported it to local pul-politicos.

But instead of doing something, these leeches did nothing and even tagged WWF as alarmist.

Now many are dead due to their indifference and contempt for the people.

May you all be voted out of office.

* * *

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