Will CJ Corona resign? (2)

THE result of the impeachment trial is perceived to preface the success – or damnation – of PNoy’s anti-corruption governance thrust, the campaign advocacy and promise that won for Mr. Aquino the presidency in the 2010 elections.

The world will be on the edge of its seat following the impeachment event thru all communications marvels because of the perception that CORRUPTION is what has all along stunted the country’s growth and development, and became the chief rallying point of the masses that produced heroes and martyrs, foremost of which was the President’s father.

Why CJ Corona is shielding the former president from being made to account for her own sins against the nation happens to be the only reason really why he was impeached. Nothing more, nothing less.

On Saturday, paid ads in support of the chief justice by behemoth law associations and organizations of trial court judges were carried by some national broadsheets. They were all good rhetorical copies – except that they parlayed one DISINFORMATION that tended to confuse the citizenry: that the attack on the chief justice is an attack against the judiciary.

That was wrong because as every Filipino now realizes, the thrust against Corona is aimed at protecting and preserving the judicial department of the government and restore public trust and confidence in it as the last bulwark of the rule of law in this part of the planet.

In any event, there is another procedural disinformation anent the Corona impeachment that needs rebuke to obviate further public confusion.

Rapidfire feels morally impelled to input this little clarification. The disinformation centers on a discussion being provoked on why the impeachment complaint was swiftly sent directly to the Senate instead of being referred first to the proper committee (the Justice Committee) for deliberations and consequent proper report thereon to the House on plenary.

This, to the destabilizers, smacks of indecent procedural haste denying the chief justice of procedural due process in the House, contrary to the provisions of Art. XI, Sec. 3 of the Constitution.

The imputation is, of course, unfounded because in the very same rules adverted to by the ‘Coronatistas’, committee referral of an impeachment complaint is not anymore necessary if the same is signed by at least one-third of all the members of the House.

This outright sends the impeachment complaint to the Senate for trial.

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