Will CJ Corona resign?

A congressman-prosecutor (CP) in the impending impeachment trial of the impeached chief justice is said to have boldly predicted the latter is poised to do a Merceditas Gutierrez than face political trial.

CP’s bold prediction is supposedly based on the mass of evidence long-ago documented and culled against the embattled chief justice quite overriding for the latter to parry. A “pattern of partiality” in favor of  former PGMA has indubitably been established by such evidence, and when the details thereof begin to be laid bare for the whole nation to see, “Corona will crumble on bended knees.”

“The complicity of Corona’s wife alone – in the alleged misuse and abuse of the John Hay Management Corporation funds, and related capers – is a sidelight promising to toll heavily on the Corona family’s ‘pristine’ reputation that will impel the Corona children and grandchildren to tell ‘Mang Renato’ to put an end to it all,” CP concluded.

If CP proves to be one ‘Nostradamus’, it will be unfortunate the Filipino nation would once more be denied the spectacle of an impeachment process that is brought to a final conclusion: the rendition of the Senate’s POLITCAL VERDICT, whatever it would be.

The impending Senate trial is now a household countdown, like everyone has been doing on the remaining days before Christmas 2011.

Erstwhile largely uninformed, the people are beginning to be educated about what impeachment is all about; and that in the present opportunity, it is just about the only way to make the highest judicial officer account for his official improprieties encompassed by the constitutional grounds for impeachment.

The chief justice is being put to task for calculatedly obstructing, thru rule by law or judicial maneuver any and all investigations against the former President for the latter’s own CORRUPT and ABUSIVE governance during her 10-year reign.

The result of the impeachment trial is perceived to preface the success– or damnation – of  PNoy’s anti-graft governance thrust, the campaign advocacy and promise that won for Mr. Aquino the presidency in the 2010 polls. (TO BE CONTINUED)

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