‘No-El’ in select LGUs

SENATE President Juan Ponce Enrile and House Speaker Feliciano Belmonte, Jr. have been conjointly promoting a mestizo-type constituent assembly (where both legislative chambers will vote separately) to amend certain economic provisions of the Constitution perceived as stumbling blocks in fast-tracking economic growth in this country.

Rapidfire will agree to their idea provided they do not limit the intended amendments to just the economic provisions.
There are other provi-sions in the present Charter that need to be ‘exorcised’,  one of which being the election once in every  three

(3) years of local elective officials.

In economically-depraved and/or calamity-stricken LGUs, elections – especially the one coming in 2013 –  should be deferred, to pave way, first, for their total reconstruction/rehabilitation.

Politics, the perennial bane to progress, should not dilute, nay, stand in the way of these LGUs’ rehabilitation.

We know how it is when politics meddles in governance. Funds earmarked for various rehabilitation programs are pocketed by  the mayors, governors, congressmen and/or people ‘commissioned’ by them.

It takes only their VOUCHER-MANIPULATION genius  – something that COA’s national leadership surprisingly does NOT want to do some-thing about – to do this.

In  these  ‘godforsaken’  provinces, cities and municipalities, like the Provinces of Masbate, Lanao del Sur, Abra, Sulu, Nueva Ecija and other ‘hot spots’ provinces, as well as the cities of Cagayan de Oro, Iligan to mention just a few, PNoy should be prepared with a list of officers-in-charge attending to governance chores, once  their incumbents’ respective terms expire by June 30, 2013.

The respective financial statements, at least for the past nine (9) years, of these LGUs should first be audited – and corresponding anti-graft (for malversation) cases should be filed – against those with prima facie evi-dence,  before  their respective OICs are appointed.

Depending on how long the Senate will tackle the CJ Corona impeachment trial, its next agenda should include the instant proposed amendment:  ‘NO-EL’ first in these impoverished/calamity-ravaged LGUs so that they could move forward, quick.

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