A warning to buying public

THIS one may help serve as an eye-opener to some people who’d like to invest in owning a condominium unit anywhere in the metropolis that they shouldn’t be quickly

convinced by the developers’ mesmerizing advertisements for they’ll surely end up losers.

Unfortunately, that’s one damn thing that a friend, Atty. Joel Pradia, and over 150 unit owners from the Theresa Tower Condominium located in Barangay San Martin de Porres, Cubao, Quezon City, are horribly going through with the New San Jose Builders, the developer of the property in question.

Atty. Pradia, who ironically has clients that are suing crooked and clever developers, laments that he’d experience the same fate in the hands of the New San Jose Builders that appears to have deceived them, hence their filing of a complaint against it before the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB).

He says they’ve been silent for years for they thought everything was in order but not until recently after he, himself, had discovered that the firm has been remiss since 2006 in paying about P7-million in real estate tax obligations for the property to the city government.

It’s compounded by the fact that the titles to the common areas have not been delivered to the condominium association up to the present, the complaint reads.

“By not paying the real estate taxes on the common areas, the developer has caused the same to be delinquent and would expose the property to be sold at public auction (by the city government) to the damage and prejudice of the unit owners, yet the developer is not taking remedial action on the matter,” Atty. Pradia says.

My friend-lawyer believes that the obligation to pay the real estate taxes remains with the developer, which was said to have deceived the HLURB into issuing a Certificate of Completion by making it appear that all units in the project were sold out, on account of incomplete turn-over of the property and incomplete development of the same.

“That is a farce as it was common knowledge that, to date, the developer has continuously been selling units in the property,” Atty. Pradia says.

The unit owners have also demanded for the reimbursement of some P1, 098, 600 which they spent for the restoration of an elevator at the condominium, property insurance which could protect them in case of calamities and repair of its exterior such as repainting of the walls, leaking roofs and sanitary pipes, among others, which obligation the developer has abandoned, leaving its buyers on their own.

The hapless homeowners say they came out in the open not only to get what is due them but as their moral obligation that is to make the buying public fully aware about the developer’s alleged fraudulent manipulations.

They just did the right thing by filing the instant case for the protection and vindication of their rights. Pretty sure, concerned people from HLURB would not ignore their pleas.

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