Ayala-Alabang execs helped PDEA in drug stings

NOW it can be told.

Barangay officials of the Ayala Alabang played a key role in a number of the successful anti-drug operations undertaken by the elements of the Philippine Drug Enforcement agency (PDEA) inside the posh village recently.

Barangay Ayala Alabang (BAA) Chairman Alfred Burgos Jr. was prompted to speak about the raids after some sectors insinuated that they were remised with their responsibilities in ensuring that their gated community be freed from the operations of criminal gangs especially big time drug rings.

Burgos pointed out that officials of BAA and Ayala Alabang Village Association (AAVA) actually joined hands with the PDEA which led to the successful drug-bust ops.

He added that their group provided the needed coordination and support to the government agents but they did it in “strict confidentiality in accordance with the PDEA protocol”.

“Utmost priority was given to the safety of our residents, and all plans were executed with calculated precision and without sacrificing the confidentiality of the raids to be made” he stressed.

He furthered averred that they started monitoring the raided houses as early as August last year after they noticed the unusual movements of foreign tenants in the rented units.

They then coordinated with the PDEA agents sometime December last year who subsequently conducted stake out operations on suspected houses.

The initial raid was conducted on the early dawn of January 6, 2012 resulting to the arrest of several foreign drug syndicate members and confiscation of illicit drugs and chemicals.

Follow-up raids were conducted on several other houses inside the gated community which also resulted to successful anti-drug operations.

Burgos averred that it was their security group that informed PDEA of the possible link between all the raided houses that were located in various areas inside the village.

In order to avert the occurrence of similar incidents in the future, Burgos said they would implement stricter measures on lease contracts with tenants including conducting profiling and background check on them.

Likewise, they would conduct regular information and education campaign against illegal drugs which they hope would help enable them to make the village not just drug-free but crime-free.

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