Boy Abunda as first gay president of the Philippines

MANY significant and meaningful events occurred shortly before Christmas time not only for the King of Talk Boy Abunda’s professional and personal life, but also relative to the country in general.

For one, Boy’s credibility as news and public affair host at his turf ABS-CBN was more than validated from reliable and credible feedback of people in the know that indeed he could hold, if not more, a candle to the veterans in the field like Ces Drilon, Ted Failon,  Henry Omaga Diaz, Julius Babao and the like.

I have also insisted on his credibility to cross the border from entertainment broadcasting to hard news casting many times over in my columns not only in Remate, but also in other outlets, online ones included.

We cheered strongly when Boy last December dedicated the 16th Asian Television Awards’ Best Talk Show for his show “The Bottomline with Boy Abunda” to his countrymen.

It’s nice to quote here once more what he said upon receiving the trophy in the midst of the Christmas rush which seemed to divert all of us away from the more substantial happenings taking place right in our vicinity like when he said last Dec. 11, “With humility I say, I dedicate this trophy to everyone in this country who has a dream. To everyone in this country who has dreamed. Para po ito sa inyo. And sa lahat po ng ating mga kababayan, maniwala po kayo, ‘yung pakiramdam that we have every reason to be proud of this country.

“I love this country. And this trophy is for the Philippines,” he continued. This is what I mean by Boy being able to make a strong impact not only on his checkered career as entertainment journalist being able to level up to the tough challenge of broadcast journalism, but also the significance as well as bearing to all of what he was saying relative to the hopes and dreams of the country that helped mold him to where he is now. Obviously, he emphasized this in his acceptance speech.

Notice that there is really something new and unique every time Boy opens up his mouth to say something about something, say? Even in his acceptance speech of the aforementioned award, the sense of humility and the spontaneity of it all dedicating the honor to his country was something you don’t normally expect to hear from confused winners behind the podium whose heads normally get heated up at the honor at hand.

And when asked on which pedestal he would place his award, he lightened the seriousness of the acceptance speech by saying, “Araw-araw dadalhin ko ito!” If you can’t call that an intuitive sharp wit repartee of sort, I don’t know what it is to you.

Brings me to an informal gathering of women and gay reporters in spunky coffee shop only lately at Timog in which I happened to be part of at one time shortly before December and before The King of Talk was formally announced to receive the impending Hall of Fame award as talk show host from the PMPC (Phil. Movie Press Club).

Being a chit-chat of sort, the topics at hand ranged from the hottest showbiz fodder meandering to, yes Boy Abunda and his most recent foray as Asian TV award winner and the possibility of his getting the Hall of Fame award from the PMPC.

One very ferocious lady scribe who I knew is not out- and- out Boy fan I must say took center stage and was starting to froth in the mouth saying things I did not in the life of me  expect to hear from her. In fact, she made a disclaimer outright saying that she is no Boy fan or friend or to be brutally frank about “not on the take” with Boy (hahaha, did I blush? )  in the real sense of the word because God knows she never gets invited ever to any of Boy’s gathering.    She did put it that way more or less.

And this in sum what she said: “You know I would be most happy if one day in the near or far future Boy would get elected into office as president of the country. Surely, he deserves to be president and if that happens God I would support his candidacy and administration to no end. Imagine, a gay first president of the country who would not hide his true gender preference from his constituents unlike some that I know in government service who are gays but are afraid to come out? Isn’t that an honorable thing to do on the part of a public servant? I think we need a Boy Abunda in this country to do just that serve the country in all honesty and transparency as well.”

I was totally taken aback by the litany of the ferocious lady reporter who is a self-confessed non-Boy Abunda fan or friend and getting yet a ripple of applause from her most cogent observation of Boy’s potentials from everybody else in the same gathering.

Well, talking of unpredictable responses the way The King of Talk parries questions and situations away this lady in issue sometimes is.

And this time surely she is. Now don’t ask me for cues? I’m not into a blind item name game. I’m merely getting at sensible issues with or without a name to acknowledge it.

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