Director John Ad Castillo’s version of steamy Kama-Sutra Pinoy style

THE generic phrase “the brother also rises” can be referred to Director John Ad Castillo who through much of his career as filmmaker, in a manner of speaking, had basked under the fame and integrity of his older brother touted as the Messiah of Phil. Cinema Celso Ad Castillo aka Celso Kid in such capacity as Assistant Director, Production Manager, Post-Production Supervisor, Casting Director, Marketing and Publicity and the like. All the works.

Director John Ad has worked with his brod Celso in all of the latter’s great films like Uhaw Na Dagat, Pedro Tunasan, Ang Daigdig Ay Isang Butil Na Luha, Nympha, Burlesque Queen, Pikoy Goes To Malaysia and many others.

The good news is that Director John Ad Castillo is in pre-prod now for his latest foray in indie films. He just finished putting some potential actors for his latest project Brown Kamasutra on VTR and has considered the new male hunk in tinsel town Zyruz Imperial as one of his leads.

Zyruz Imperial is the latest endorser of an advocacy group on HIV-AIDS awareness campaign called LOVE YOURSELF along with other top endorsers Boy Abunda, Rissa Hontiveros, Rocco Nacino and Paulo Avelino. On Zyruz’s role in Brown Kamasutra John Ad Castillo said, “The indie feature also advocates ways for people to find true love, fulfilling sex practices and respect for it as well. It is our Asian version of the famous Kamasutra, hence we billed it Brown Kamasutra. It is in keeping with the advocacy of LOVE YOURSELF movement because it proposes the basic value of a fulfilling, monogamous relationship whether one is gay, bisexual, heterosexual or even transgendered.”

Zyruz was also previously cast as lead actor for Seksing Masahista opposite Mocha Uson of the top sing-and-dance girly group of the country Mocha Girls which was directed by John himself in a co-production venture with a Malasysian producer. Previous to Seksing Masashista, Director John Ad Castillo also directed Untamed Virgins, also a co-prod with a Malaysian producer.

Zyruz Imperial who first appeared in a cameo role in Director Mario O’Hara’s official entry to Cinemalaya billed Paglilitis Ni Andres Bonifacio recently landed in a pivotal role as a hunted witness in the unreleased film based on the heinous massacre of journalists in Maguindanao billed The Road To Ampatuan directed by award-winning scriptwriter and stage actor Jigz Recto who recently wrapped up another indie shoot on women trafficking billed Tagsibol with Zyruz yet cast in a major, villainous role.

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