Gayahin ni KC Concepcion ang terrific PR ni Megastar para umangat ang career niya!

MEGASTAR Sharon Cuneta is not only one of the finest actresses in the country today, she’s also equipped with a good PR, along with an unmatched professionalism and dedication to her career. The very reason why she’s still the Megastar that she’s always been more than two decades ago.

Sabihin man nila ang gusto nilang sabihin, the fact still remains that Ms. Sharon Cuneta has been able to carve a formidable niche at the celluloid firmament that no one can take away from her.

Sadly though, we have this hunch that what she has awesomely accomplished, her daughter KC Concepcion won’t be able to achieve if and when she’s not going to change her reeking with plasticity demeanor.

Sa totoo lang, I’ve been wanting to write this piece for so long but every time I would think about the Megastar, I keep hemming and hawing.

But last Sunday’s meeting at The Buzz with her (KC) has made us realize how different Kristina is behind the facade of cutesie-pa-tootsie ways she frequently exhibits on cam.

I hate to say this but she is kind of delusory and a veritable plastic behind the veneer of nicety that she exhibits on cam.

Si Ate Shawie, she knows how to make you feel at ease and important the moment she sees and hugs and kisses you in that highly intimate manner she’s always been famous for.

Nagkaroon man kami ng gap dati that culminated in a ten-year libel suit that she slapped us with at the Mandaluyong Municipal trial court, when we smoked the peace pipe she was so warm and sweet, it made up for the years of discomfiture that we experienced in the many years that our case was ongoing.

At this point, wala talaga kaming masasabi sa ganda ng PR ni Ate Shawie.

Sadly though, ang ganda lang ng kanyang mukha ang namana ng kanyang anak, along with her intelligence and formidable acting skill but not her good PR and good heart.

This is not to say that I’m accusing her daughter KC of being cavalier and uncouth.

Of course not!

It’s just that she has this intimidating cold detachment that you need to say hi to her first or call out her name. Otherwise, you won’t see any recognition on her unnerving, detached eyes.

Imagine, more than a year na kaming dumadalaw sa The Buzz every Sunday pero Peter Ledesma and I have frequently noticed how different she is from the other hosts (Ms. Charlene Gonzales, Toni Gonzaga and of course, Kuya Boy Abunda) who are all the paradigm of good PR.

I remember vividly the time when I was invited by her group of fans, Raqs in particular, to watch the exclusive showing of her movie with Sam Milby in the highly exclusive cinema in Makati. KC came looking like a vision in her simple but utterly expensive outfit and smiled divinely at her group of fans most of which happened to be based in the US.

Sadly though, she never bothered to greet us or say a cursory hi to us.

Lagi-laging ganyan. You need to say hi to her first, otherwise she’ll never acknowledge your presence.

Anyhow, a word of advice my dear, try to see how your mom treats the press when she sees them and know the reason why most of your movies were veritable ignominious flops.

Kulang na kulang ka sa PR at halatang-halata ang kawalan mo ng sincerity in your dealings with them.

Also, make it a point to follow your mom’s organized and systematic manner in everything she does that’s why she has become a veritable success.


Sana man lang mag-hit naman ang bago mong show para makahinga naman nang maluwag ang mga taong humahawak sa ‘yo ngayon.

Sincerity (one thing that you’re ostensibly very much wanting of) is the key to one’s success in this field, my dear. Take it from someone who’s been around for so long and be a success like your ageless, sophisticated mom.


Sam Pinto natsa-challenge sa ‘Legacy’ ng GMA-7!

BONGGA ang opening salvo ng GMA-7 for the year 2012. It’s a sophisticated drama about people and their idiosyncrasies and fittingly titled “Legacy.”

Starred in by Heart Evangelista, Alessandra de Rossi and Lovi Poe, it features Sam Pinto in a role that fits her to a T.

Dito kasi maipakikita ng eskalera ang byuting alaga ni Ms. Claire dela Fuente ang kanyang flair for dressing up that most of today’s young actresses are very much wanting of.

Fully dressed in some high fashion outfits or skimpily outfitted in a two-piece bikini or one-piece swimwear, Sam is veritably outstanding.

‘Yan siguro ang advantage niya sa mga contemporary niya na ang babaduy manamit at kulang na kulang ng sophistication.

So watch tayo kay Sam as she pits talent with GMA’s finest actresses.

Sosyal na, gandara pa, super intelligent pa. Saan ka pa, di ba naman?

‘Yun na!


‘Di kinontra ni Kris ang hula, instead nag-agree pa!

SA RECENT guesting niya sa show ni Vice Ganda sa ABS-CBN, pinasadahan nito ang kontrobersyal na hulang mabubuntis raw si Kris Aquino sa taong ito at ang magiging ama raw ay walang iba kundi si Coco Martin.

Of course, you guys must have been reading about this in the papers for quite sometime now.

But far from getting upset, inayunan pa ni Tetay ang nasabing seer.

Kilala raw kasi niya ito personally and he was the one who prophesied that she would be delivering a baby boy when a lot of people were saying that it was going to be a baby girl.

Well, baka naman hindi si Coco ang tatay kundi si Dingdong Dantes. Hahahahahahaha!

Joke! Ayaw ni Marianita L. nang ganyan! Hahahahahahahahaha!

May suguran kayang mangyayari? Abangan! Hahahahahahaha!


Our hunch was right… Na-turn-off bang muli si Vicki Belo kay Hayden?

BAGO magtapos ang taong 2011, usap-usapan ang biglang panlalamig ng dati-rati’y scalding bit of news that Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho were presumably getting married.

Sa abroad nga raw ito gagawin to preserve the sanctity of the occasion.

But for some highly baffling reason, the marriage did not materialize all because the filthy rich doctor has purportedly discovered (again? Hakhakhak!) her would be husband’s infediliy. Hakhakhak!


You just can’t teach old dogs new tricks.

Ingrained na yata sa subconscious ni Hayden Kho ang pagiging babaero and that serves as his Waterloo.

Nu’n ngang di pa kalakihan ang notes ay babaero na, how much more ngayong mas tumaba na dahil sa magic ng collagen injections at effect na effect ang kanyang brand new nose? Hahahahahahahaha!

Sayang daw ang dalawang fabulously tailored gowns na isusuot sana ng doktora sa kanilang ill-fated wedding. Hahahahahahahaha!

Hay, naku! Paulit-ulit na lang ang kanilang kuwento. Dapat kay Vicki ay huwag nang mag-asawa at negosyo na lang niya ang kanyang asikasuhin.

If she wants to be happy, marami namang willing and able na paligayahin siya. If you know the salient point I’m hinting at. Hahahahaha!

‘Yun na!


Seal of good housekeeping for Governor Vi

UNABATED talaga ang pagdating ng mga award at citations para kay Governor Vilma Santos Recto.

Hayan at nakalagay sa US News Las Vegas (a newspaper based in Las Vegas na may online sa internet) na Governor Vilma Santos-Recto was supposedly cited by the Batangas Sangguniang Panlalawigan in recognition for her excellent performance as Batangas governor and also commended for the award the province received from the DILG citing Batangas as among ten provinces in the Philippines with clean, transparent performance and governance.

She was presented the Seal of Good Housekeeping and a plague of recognition for a great job.

O, di ba?

Naiiba talaga ang isang Vilma Santos.

Imagine, Fil-Canadian actor Mig Macario who has been conquering the Americans by way of the TV series Once Upon a Time, an ABC new hit series, has openly confessed he’s a Vilmanian.

“Somebody would come from the Philippines and bring in Vilma Santos films,” he avers. “Oh, this woman is making me so emotional!”

Ikaw na ang maging isang Vilma Santos-Recto…bow!


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And with that, ito po ang Kuya Pete ninyo na nagsasabing, Christopher, my son, I love you very, very much, my love for you goes beyond eternity.

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